Halloween warning to parents as police find sweets laced with cannabis

Halloween warning to parents as police find sweets laced with cannabis
Officers warn of ‘serious consequences’which could include falling unconscious and altered perception

Children’s sweets that could be given out as Halloween “treats” have been found laced with cannabis.

グレーターマンチェスター警察 Rochdale warned of “serious consequences” for any young person or child who ate them.

And they warned parents to check any sweets their children were eating at Halloween.

Doctors say edible marijuana can cause intoxication symptoms such as altered perception, 不安, パニック, paranoia, めまい, weakness, slurred speech, poor coordination and heart problems, and the effects are exaggerated in children.

今年の初め, four children in Surrey 病院に運ばれた after they ate sweets thought to contain cannabis.

Ambulance teams were called when some of the children, 老いた 12 そして 13, started vomiting and falling in and out of consciousness.

In a post on the Greater Manchester Facebook page, the force wrote: “FAO parents and carers. ザ・ #towncentremilkstonedeeplish team have been out on patrol today and have come across these packages which at first appear to be sweets aimed at young people.

"しかしながら, upon closer inspection we found that they contain cannabis.

“This could have serious consequences on any young person or child who may consume these.

“Please keep an eye out over Halloween to see what your children are consuming.”

The coloured packaging for the Xtremes Bites made them look like ordinary children’s sweets.


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