Hillary Clinton warns progressive ‘Squadwill tank Democrats in the midterms

Hillary Clinton warns progressive 'Squad' will tank Democrats in the midterms
Former presidential candidate weighs in on what Dems must do to win both houses in 2022

Hillary Clinton has urged the Democratic Party to be “clear eyed” about what wins elections, ahead of next year’s potentially defining midterms.

The former presidential candidate’s warning appears to be aimed squarely at the progressive wing of the party, which has grown in size and influence over the past few years.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Willie Geist, Ms Clinton asserted that the Democrats need candidates who are capable of winning in purple states, in order to have a Congress that will “get things done”.

The splintering of the Democrats has been especially apparent of late, met President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation coming under fire from centrists like Joe Manchin.

For the party’s establishment figures, Ms Clinton included, concerns remain over the growing influence of ‘The Squad’ – a group of progressive representatives whose support amongst young people is well documented.

Leading members of the group include Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, who are already two of the most well-known Democrats in Washington.

Cuatro congresistas demócratas de color conocidas como ‘The Squadhan ayudado a inflar las filas de progresistas en la Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos.

For Ms Clinton, egter, who lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump, the party has to be mindful of its overall strategy heading into next year’s midterms.

“I think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat or so-called progressive Democrat is going to win,” the 74-year-old stated.

Regarding the current state of the Democratic party, het sy bygevoeg: “We’ve got to be very clear eyed about what it’s going to take to hold the House and the Senate in 2022.”

“And to win the electoral college because also Republicans are doing everything they can to create an environment in which winning the Electoral College, even narrowly the way Joe Biden did, will be out of reach for Democrats.”

With Joe Biden’s current approval rating consistently hovering below 50 persent, the GOP is expected to make huge gains in both houses next year.

Met dit in gedagte, the former secretary of state has emphasised the importance of trying to keep – and maybe even add to – the party’s narrow majority in the House of Congress.

“Nothing is going to get done if you don’t have a Democratic majority in the House. Our majority in the Senate comes from people who can win in not just blue states and hold those winsbut can win in more purpleish states," sy het gese.

Winning the midterms in 2022, while crucial, very much depends upon the Democratic party rallying to form a compelling and coherent message to voters.

Nietemin, the party’s clear lack of unity over domestic issues, including the President’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill, does nothing but shine a light on existing divisions.

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