Home insurance premiums ‘5.6% cheaper than a year ago’

Home insurance premiums ‘5.6% cheaper than a year ago’
The average buildings and contents policy is £144, Consumer Intelligence said.

Home insurance premiums have fallen by 5.6% durante o ano passado, according to analysis.

Através Grã-Bretanha the average buildings and contents policy price is £144, Consumer Intelligence said.

Mid-century homes recorded the biggest reductions in premiums in the past 12 meses, with a typical fall of 7.4% for properties built between 1940 e 1955.

Homes built between 1910 e 1925 were 7% cheaper.

The home market is already a very competitive space

Harriet Devonald, Consumer Intelligence

Older homes continue to have bigger premiums, reflecting the higher cost of claims made by their owners, o relatório disse.

Victorian-era properties typically have premiums of £169 for an annual policy.

Properties built this century are the cheapest to insure at £133 on average.

Londres (£202) continues to top the list of regions.

The South East (£154) and Yorkshire and the Humber (£ 150) are the only two other regions where an annual policy is more than the national average of £144.

“The home market is already a very competitive space which keeps premium increases largely at bay,” said Harriet Devonald, product manager at Consumer Intelligence.

The North East (£113) remains the cheapest region, with the East Midlands (£124) e a South West (£130) Segue.

Here are average premiums in July and the percentage decrease, according to Consumer Intelligence:

– Wales, £135, minus 3.2%

– East Midlands, £124, minus 3.7%

– West Midlands £138, minus 4.6%

– Scotland £139, minus 4.8%

– South West £130, minus 5.1%

– Eastern England, £135, minus 5.8%

– London, £202, minus 6.2%

– North East, £113, minus 6.7%

– North West £141, minus 6.7%

– South East £154, minus 6.8%

– Yorkshire and the Humber £150, minus 7.9%

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