Quanto estão sendo pagos os concorrentes do I’m a Celebrity deste ano?

Quanto estão sendo pagos os concorrentes do I’m a Celebrity deste ano?
This series’s highest-paid star is receiving £100,000 less than last year’s

Eu sou uma celebridadeGet Me Out of Here! has returned for a brand new series with a fresh bunch of contestants.

The ITV series is taking place in Wales, as opposed to Australia, for the second year running due to the pandemic

Proceedings kicked off on Sunday (21 novembro) with a bumper episode that saw broadcaster Richard Madeley and Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge led two teams in the first Bushtucker Trial.

While many viewers usually express sympathy for the contestants as they participate in these challenging trials, it’s worth remembering they’ve been paid good money to be on the show.

Então, how much is each celebrity earning for their appearance in the reality series? The full amount haven’t been officially announced, but this year’s highest-paid star seems to be Bom dia grã-Bretanha co-host Madeley.

De acordo com relatórios, Madeley will take home £200,000 for his appearance, which is less than two of last year’s contestants: Mo Farah (£300,000) and Vernon Kay (£250,000).

This corroborates the claim that producers are spending less on talent than they have done in previous years, perhaps due to pandemic-related cuts.

Dentro 2019, Caitlyn Jenner earned £500,000 for her appearance, with winner Harry Redknapp taking home the same amount in 2018.

That same year, Noel Edmonds is said to have received £600,000 for his brief stint in 2018, making him the highest-paid celebrity to ever take part.

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Going by previous year’s payments, it can be deduced that Emmerdale star Danny Miller will receive around £75,000 for his appearance.

Danny Miller quit his role in ‘Emmerdale’ before joining ‘I’m a Celebrity’

Enquanto isso, Olympic diver Matty Lee and Paralympian Kadeena Cox, MBE’s salaries are expected to be around the £50,000 mark.

In previous years, retired footballer and pundit David Ginola might have netted more than he probably has done this year when taking into account these suspected pandemic-related cuts. Dentro 2019, Ian Wright secured £400,000 for his appearance.

The same goes for Bridge. Dentro 2019, Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle netted £250,000 meaning that Bridge’s salary is unlikely to be too far behind Madeley’s.

Eu sou uma celebridade continues nightly at 9pm on ITV

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