How to get the best deal on iPhone 12 pro maks, Apple watch and more

How to get the best deal on iPhone 12 pro maks, Apple watch and more
Following the launch of the Apple watch 7 en iPhone 13, these are the best deals and offers on the iPhone 12, 12 pro max and watch to snap up today

<p>Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see  </bl><p>Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see  </bl>

Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see

Die IndyBest team knows a thing or two about online shopping. Whether it’s providing advice via tried and tested product reviews of everything from the iPad air 4 to the best silk pillowcases or bringing you the very best handel aan VPNs, tablette, matrasse en meer, we’ve got your back when it comes to navigating the virtual shelves.

But for today, we’re turning our attention to appel after the company announced details of its all-new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7. It’s a rare sight to see, but as the brand launches its all-new tech, there’s plenty of Apple handel currently available – we’re talking discounted AirPods, iPads and so much more.

So, if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch or mobile phone for a fraction of the price, keep scrolling for today’s top picks – you can thank us later.

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The biggest sales and offers from top retailers to watch out for:


Best iPhone 12 pro max deal

There’s a whole number of whopping deals on iPhone 12 pro maks contracts at USwitch. The provider is offering you the chance to get your hands on the mobile for £55 per month, with an upfront fee of £49. This includes unlimited minutes and texts, and a whopping 100GB of data with Three Mobile.

The handset itself received high praise in our review of the best 5G phones. “For starters, it looks absolutely stunning. As with the rest of the iPhone 12 line-up, the pro max has that same flat-edge design, with a stunning stainless steel border and a matte-glass rear, making it look as premium as its price tag would suggest,” noted our writer.

He added that its “camera array really steals the show” and the “battery life is the best we’ve seen on an iPhone, lasting us well into the second day of use without needing to be plugged in”.

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 09:15

Best deals of the day!

Good morning and happy hump day. As promised, we’re back bringing you the best deals of the day in the sales.

We’ve already seen a whopping discount on the Apple AirPods pro (was £249, now £179,, but we’re expecting some similarly cracking offers across iPhones, Apple watches and more.

So, in the words of Regina George: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping”.

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 09:00

Goodbye from your resident deal-hunters

That’s it from us for today, we hope you’ve enjoyed our rolling coverage of the best Apple deals. Looking for the highlights? We’d add the AirPods pro (was £249, now £179,, Apple watch series 3 (was £299, now £227, and Apple MacBook air (was £999, now £899.97, to your basket now.

We’ll be back tomorrow for more bargains, but until then check out our Black Friday guide to find out what you can expect on the big day:

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Alles wat u moet weet oor die 2021 Black Friday verkope, insluitend watter kleinhandelaars gaan deelneem, wanneer dit begin en wat om te verwag

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 17:15

Save on Apple TV now

Apple TV 4K with siri: Was £169, now £159,

“Apple’s machine is slick and enjoyable to use,” praised Die Onafhanklike’s technology critic in his review of the best TV streaming boxes. “It has a great TV app that keeps track of what you’re watching and suggests the next episode of what you saw on iPlayer, byvoorbeeld,”Voeg hy by.

There are other neat features. If you’ve missed an important bit of dialogue in an episode or film, press “the microphone button on the remote and say, ‘What did they say?’ and it’ll rewind 15 seconds and play that last moment again complete with subtitles”. While only £10, anything’s better than nothing, reg?

If you want a new 4K TV to go with it, we’ve found the best deals on televisions for September:

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Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 16:15

The Apple pencil is reduced – how to buy one now

Apple Pencil, 1st gen: Was £99, now £84,

Buying an iPad (was £579, now £539.97, for your creative endeavours? You’ll want to get an Apple Pencil to complement your work. With pressure sensitivity, you can sketch and write exactly how you would with an ordinary pencil. They don’t usually come cheap, but this first-generation model has 15 per cent off on Amazon right now.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 15:15

Apple set to unveil series 7: Save on series 3 nou

Apple watch series 3: Was £299, now £227,

Launched in 2017, the Apple watch series 3 is an older model of the Apple watch, but it’s far from over the hill. For years it was the undisputed king of wearables, and now it continues to be sold as a cheaper, entry-level alternative to the cutting-edge series 6 and the dialled-back Apple watch SE.

It has all the core functionality you might need from an iPhone-compatible smartwatch, allowing you to control music and see and respond to notifications and messages without having to take your phone out of your pocket. The display looks sharp and the UI is responsive. You don’t get the fancy ECG monitoring of newer Apple watches, but the most vital fitness sensors are all there, enabling you to track workouts, count steps and monitor your heart rate around the clock.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 14:15

When can you pre-order the iPhone 13 in die UK?

We predict Friday 17 September. Assuming Apple sticks to its usual schedule, the iPhone 13 will be revealed during the company’s livestreamed event today (Dinsdag 14 September). Pre-orders will then open on Friday 17 September, ahead of the phone’s launch on Friday 24 September.

Read our explainer for all the details on the iPhone 13 release date:

Here’s when you can pre-order the new iPhone 13 in die UK

Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone at its next event. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 13’s launch date and how to pre-order.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 13:45

Get AirPods pro for cheaper ahead of AirPods 3 launch

Apple AirPods pro: Was £249, now £179,

Ahead of the predicted release of AirPods 3, we’ve seen a whopping deal on the AirPods pro.

Mostly retaining the same design as the OG AirPods, our writer noted they have a “heightened level of finesse” in our in-depth review of the AirPods pro. As high-end earphones go, these are “difficult to find much fault in”, they said.

As for the audio quality, they have a “lovely, warm sound to them, beautifully balanced across the register” and the “adaptive EQ automatically tunes low and mid frequencies to the shape of your ear, which kicks in the longer you listen”. The active noise cancellation is “impressive”, “shutting out the majority of ambient noise, and dampening any sound that gets through”. With money off such a high-quality pair of headphones, we’d recommend snapping up this deal ASAP.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 13:15

Save £120 on Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini: Was £699, now £579,

According to Apple, die 12 Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest 5G phone.

Die Onafhanklike‘s technology critic, David Phelan, reviewed the device en gesê: “If you don’t want a big phone, because your hands won’t stretch to one or it’ll ruin the line of your suit, or some other reason, the iPhone 12 Mini is pretty compelling. It’s also the first iPhone as small as this to feature an OLED screen, with a much higher resolution than the LCD screen of the iPhone 11, for instance.”

He explains that the display is the highest-resolution iPhone screen ever, beating the other iPhone 12 handsets, describing it as “pin-sharp, bright and with great colour fidelity”.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 12:45

PSA: Save on the Apple iPad 8th generation

Apple iPad 10.2in (8th gen): Was £349.97, now £329.97,

Similar to Apple’s other tablets, this 8th-generation original iPad has been designed with ease of use and versatility at the forefront. With a crystal clear 10.2in retina display, you can connect it to an Apple pencil (was £119, now £115.97, and a smart keyboard (was £99, now £84.99,, which only adds to its appeal.

Eva Waite-Taylor14 September 2021 12:15

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