How to make ‘whipped lemonade’ from TikTok

How to make ‘whipped lemonade’ from TikTok
The frothier, creamier version of the iconic summer drink named ‘the biggest trend of the summer’ by TikTokers

Lemonade, a quintessential summer drink, has received the TikTok treatment as users whip up a brand new viral drink.

Whipped lemonade has arrived just in time for summer, and is especially good for poolside sipping. The frothy, creamy drink contains condensed milk, cream and lemonade, but can be adapted according to different tastes and preferences.

TikTok users have declared whipped lemonade to be “the biggest trend of the summer”, with thousands of videos showing different iterations of the slushie-like drink flooding the app and chalking up millions of views.

Here’s how you can jump on the trend and whip up this refreshing beverage this summer:


At its core, whipped lemonade only requires powdered lemonade mix, double cream and water or ice. Some people use freshly-squeezed lemons, or make a lemon-infused sugar syrup to add to the mix.

You can also flavour the lemonade base with just about anything. Kool-aid powder is a popular choice on the app, as well as sweetened condensed milk for a bigger sugar hit.

Others add matcha powder, strawberries or other fruit, and cordial for different flavour profiles.

You can also make the drink into a cocktail by adding a shot of spirit like vodka, tequila or gin to the mix.

The most common recipe on TikTok calls for:

  • 1/4 cup double cream or coconut milk for a vegan alternative
  • 2 tbsp powdered lemonade mix
  • Between 3/4 cup to 1 cup water or ice cubes


You will need either a whisk or a blender to whip the lemonade up into frothy peaks.

A blender is the easiest and least labour-intensive option, while whipping the mixture by hand with a whisk will require more elbow grease.


Using either method, blend or whisk the cream and powdered lemonade mix until combined and soft peaks form, about two to five minutes.

In a cup or glass, combine the whipped lemonade mixture with the water and stir until combined, taking care not to stir too vigorously so the mixture doesn’t deflate. Add ice and serve immediately.

If using a blender, you can add ice and some water straight into the blender with the cream and powdered lemonade mixture and blend until it forms a slushy consistency.

To add berries and other fruits to the drink, simply blend the fruit into a puree or juice first, then add to the whipped lemonade mixture with the water. You may want to reduce the water slightly to avoid it becoming too runny.

The only thing left to do is make sure you serve up these refreshing treats in fun glasses, with the added flourish of a tiny paper umbrella to ring in the summer.


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