Hoe om die Amerikaanse Grand Prix aanlyn en op TV te kyk

Hoe om die Amerikaanse Grand Prix aanlyn en op TV te kyk
Everything you need to know about the race

Lewis Hamilton had preparations for the US Grand Prix disrupted after he was locked in his Mercedes room.

The British driver, who is currently six points behind title leader Max Verstappen, was late to his mandatory media session due to the incident.

When the 36-year-old arrived, het hy verduidelik: “Sorry I am late. I got locked in my room and I couldn’t get out. No joke”. Mercedes said the incident happened due to a faulty lock but they’ll be hoping there are no hiccups in the race on Sunday.

A controversial pit stop at the Turkish Grand Prix saw Hamilton slip to fifth and drop eight points to rival Verstappen, who leads with just six races to go.

But when will the race start on Sunday and how will fans watch the drama unfold? Here’s all you need to know.

Wanneer is dit?

The race will take place on Sunday, 24 October at 8pm BST at the Circuit of the Americas.

Hoe kan ek kyk?

The race will be shown live on the Sky Sports F1 kanaal. As u nie 'n Sky -kliënt is nie, kan u 'n NOWTV Day Pass hier om te kyk sonder 'n inskrywing.

Ons kan kommissie verdien op sommige van die skakels in hierdie artikel, maar ons laat dit nooit ons inhoud beïnvloed nie.

Driver standings

1) Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 262.5

2) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 256.5

3) Valterri Bottas (Mercedes) 177

4) Lando Norris (McLaren Mercedes) 145

5) Sergio Perez (Red Bull) 135

What has Hamilton said?

“It is a place of great, great memories, and a great track for wheel-to-wheel racing.

“It is going to be very tight and close between us all. It is important to win every race somehow and maximising our points. It will be incredibly difficult and there will be moments where we can edge out Red Bull.

“A lot can happen in these six races so I am going to take one race at a time and give it everything I have got.”

What has Verstappen said?

“We have always been competitive in the US and have got close to some good results. So it’s about converting that into a win now. We go to every track now knowing that we can fight at least for a podium now, but also a win and that is different to past years.

“We are focussed on doing the best we can and always trying to win the race, and that will be no different in Austin. It will be another close battle this weekend and I am looking forward to that.”

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