Hugo og Tobys konfrontasjon har etterlatt seerne på Love Island splittet

Hugo og Tobys konfrontasjon har etterlatt seerne på Love Island splittet
‘You don’t care about boys!’ huffed Toby in the wake of Thursday’s dramatic speech by Toby

A much-anticipated confrontation between Kjærlighetsøya’s Hugo and Toby has left viewers divided.

Thursday’s dramatic episode saw Toby and Chloe’s romance crumble upon the arrival of newcomer Abigail, leading Hugo to publicly condemn Toby for his behaviour.

I kveld (23 juli), the tension between the pair in the immediate aftermath could be cut with a knife, with Toby declaring Hugo “two-faced”. Hugo subsequently attempted to clear the air with Toby privately, but Toby wasn’t having it.

“I’ve valued your opinion from day one,” Toby told him. “We’re family and s***, that means nothing to you! … What that showed to me is that you’re one of them guys that just follows girls. You don’t care about boys.”

Despite Hugo expressing his hopes that they could be friends again, Toby didn’t seem convinced, dubbing his rival a “t**t” under his breath as he stepped away.

Kjærlighetsøya fans were divided over the confrontation.

“Toby acting like a sulky teenager…” wrote one viewer. En annen la til: “Toby is coming across so badly. Hugo is coming across as a really decent guy with principles.”

“I actually felt Hugo was a bit out of order last night but the way Toby just reacted is ridiculous and Hugo was right in what he said,” tweeted somebody else.

Hugo hasn’t been universally beloved, selv om, with some suggesting he slightly bent the truth after Toby claimed he should have addressed his concerns with him earlier – and in private.

“Hugo is twisting this story like a pretzel,” tweeted one viewer. “You didn’t do it for Toby’s own good. You didn’t do it so Toby learns. It’s not you playing devil’s advocate. It was you hoping you’d have a chance with Chloe.”

Others, derimot, suggested literally everyone involved in this particular conflict is equally as terrible.

“The worst thing about this situation is that there is not a SINGLE person to root for,” tweeted writer Chante Joseph. “Chloe is eating her karma and so is Toby, while Hugo is simply annoying soliterally everybody loses!!”

Kjærlighetsøya continues at 9pm every night except Saturdays on ITV2.

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