Hundreds march to say size doesn’t matter in LA penis protest

Hundreds march to say size doesn't matter in LA penis protest
Placards used witty slogans to end shame around ‘small dongs’

Hundreds took part in a protest in 天使たち against what has been labelled as “small dong shame”, with both men and women marching in support of those with a smaller penis.

The protest last Saturday saw people match across downtown Los Angeles, with many holding placards with slogans like “God made small dongs”.

It started in Pershing Square, where podcast hosts “Chad and JT” rallied with protesters who marched with a banner that read “end small dong shame”.

Chad and JT 言った viewers on their YouTube channel earlier this month that the “small dong march” was “the most important cause of our lives” and that it was “a real event”.

“Even if you don’t have a small dong, or don’t even have a dong, you’re still an ally and we want to see you there to put an end to the shame,” said Chad and JT. “No more shame for people with small penises”.

ペア, who once petitioned councillors in San Clemnte County to install a 12-foot statue of surfer Paul Walker, said in another video that those with a “small dong” should “own that truth”.

“I know some people are embarrassed to show up, but if you have a small dong the truth will come out,」 前記 JT. “So own that truthall dongs and non-dongs are welcome.”

Images of the march circulated on social media at the weekend, with many praising the banners held by participants.

“I’m hung but it’s totally chill and ok that you aren’t”, a sign seen by TMZ 読んだ. “Size doesn’t matter, ask the atomic bomb,” another read.

抗議者 書きました Instagramで: “I may have a small dong but today I grew some balls and marched for a cause I believe in. Its time to embrace our bodies and end small dong shame.”

できるだけ多く 45 per cent of American men 欲しいです a larger penis, according to The American Psychological Association, そして 55 per cent are satisfied.


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