Hunter Biden launches fiery attack on critics of his artwork

Hunter Biden launches fiery attack on critics of his artwork
Buyer of abstract works will have identity shielded as 51-year-old says: ‘I think I am the most famous artist in the MAGA world’

Hunter Biden has hit out at critics of his artwork ahead of an exhibition in New York, and defended using his name to further his work.

The son of President Joe Biden will see half a dozen pieces of his work go on display at New York City’s George Bergès Gallery, ifølge rapporter. He also said of his critics: “f*** ‘em”.

Ben Davis, a US art critic who has already written about why Mr Biden should not be selling his work, fortalte Politico this week that the 51-year-old’s work was “a lot of bluff and bluster” and was not worthy of the $500,000 tag.

“There’s no science to such things. But it is absolutely, 100 per cent certain that what is being sold is the Biden name and story,” said Mr Davis. “These are prices for an already successful artist.”

In an interview with the art podcast “Nota Bene”, Mr Biden was asked about his critics accusing him of using his name to his advantage. The interview was released on Thursday.

He told the podcast: “If I were going to hatch a plan, it certainly wouldn’t be to make paintingsI could just stay in my studio and paint for myself – and I ultimately do do that – but it’s kind of exciting to know that there’s an audience, and for that audience to be able to have its own interpretation of what that painting means to them.”

Mr Biden also appeared to admit that his name allowed him to make money from the artwork, and told “Nota Bene”: “It’s been the unfair advantage of my whole life.

“It’s a hell of a lot easier to get noticed, not only by the cop who pulls you over for speeding but also by the school or whatever the endeavour may be.”

The younger Biden, who has brought attention to his personal struggles with substance abuse and has been a target of attacks from his father’s opponents, referred to that fact and quipped: “I think I am the most famous artist in the MAGA world”.

According to the George Bergès Gallery, Mr Biden’s creations feature “abstract works on canvas, yupo paper, tre, and metal,” and “incorporates oil, acrylic, ink, and the written word to create unique experiences that have become his signature”.

The White House has reportedly reached an agreement with the gallery to make the buyer of his artwork anonymous to the public, Mr Biden and his son, i følge Politico. It follows concerns that the buyer was purchasing for influence.

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