I’m a Celebrity viewers confused by Naughty Boy’s behaviour in latest episode

I’m a Celebrity viewers confused by Naughty Boy’s behaviour in latest episode
‘Have these people never watched this in the past?’ある視聴者が尋ねた

私は有名人です… 私をここから連れ出してください! viewers have called out Naughty Boy for taking the show “too personally”.

The rapper and music producer – whose real name is Shahid Khan – has been living in “the clink” since arriving in the show

In Tuesday night’s episode (23 11月), he was shown to lose a task while paired up with fellow “clink” contestant David Ginola.

Following this, 相手チーム, who have better living arrangements, then selected Naughty Boy to take part in the next task, leaving the rapper to feel as if they picked him because they thought he was the weakest link.

After losing this second task, he returned to camp to tell his fellow team mates he wanted to quit the show, blaming the other team for his decision. “There’s no love there,” he told his fellow contestants.

しかしながら, viewers were left confused by his reasoning for wanting to leave and rushed to social media to point out the music star was taking things too personally.

Naughty Boy suggested the other team picked him to kick him while he was down, which caused many to highlight that the other team would have had no idea about his current state of mind – and probably wouldn’t have picked him had they known.

Naughty Boy threatened to leave ‘I’m a Celebrity’

“It’s a competition Naughty Boy,」ある人が書いた. “The other camp wanted to win and he’s acting like he’s never gonna forgive them.”

別の質問: “Have these people never watched this in the past? Whinge, whine, sulk, kick off about the trials and the public will vote for you each and every time. Twas ever thus.”

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“How were the other team supposed to know how Naughty Boy was feeling though? わかりません,」ある人が書いた, 別の追加で: “Naughty Boy is taking all of this a little TOO personally. It’s a game.”

At the end of the show, Ant and Dec revealed that Naughty Boy decided to remain on the show so he could call out the other team for what he believes were malicious actions. They said viewers would see the fallout in Wednesday night’s episode (24 11月).

私は有名人です continues nightly at 9pm on ITV.


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