I’m a TV psychic – here is my prediction for Boris Johnson | Sally Morgan

I’m a TV psychic – here is my prediction for Boris Johnson | Sally Morgan
For Boris, the number 5 is incredibly important. This number relates directly to what he will do next

As we all know, it has been quite a month for Boris Johnson. The revelations that have come out regarding the Downing Street parties have not only shocked the nation but also deeply impacted him on a personal level.

When I look at Boris and what the future holds, unfortunately for him it is not looking too positive in terms of his career. I am writing this on 20 janvier: this date is important, as right now I believe he is at home having discussions surrounding his exit as PM, and working out the best way to do this.

As he grapples with his decision, he is keeping extremely close counsel. I understand he is in deep discussions with his wife, Carrie, as they attempt to navigate this huge change as a family.

When I look to the future, I believe we will later discover that Boris has been suffering with a form of “long Covid”, pourtant, I think the information regarding this will only be released in a year or two.

To put it simply: with regards to his desire to continue with his current role, I suspect he has had enough. I think Boris is really struggling to see the benefits of himself as prime minister – and believes at this stage there are none. Like we all do when we are facing difficulties, he has started to realise who his real friends are.

Within the party, I believe that there are two high profile members that are (in his mind) wolves in sheeps’ clothing. I expect there will be at least two further scandals that will break over the coming weeks that will, je pense, have been fed directly to the press, from these two former friends.

Within my work I often receive numbers – for Boris, the number 5 is incredibly important. This number relates directly to his resignation. My initial thoughts are that this will happen in the month of May; pourtant, if he is to leave before that, then it will likely take place on the fifth day of the month.

With his resignation imminent, I think that the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is poised to certainly become the next prime minister. To put it in stark terms: due to the scandals that have already broken and what is yet to be revealed, I believe it is certain that Boris will go. Unfortunately for him, the house of cards will come tumbling down around him.

The generic term for what I do is psychic, but primarily I am a practicing medium. This means I channel messages from the spirit – and these messages are deeply personal for the person I am reading for. This can mean that on occasion I am unsure of what a message means, because it is so particular and requires the person sitting in front of me to translate how it is relevant to their life.

When it comes to predictions, I use my own cognitive abilities to translate the messages I receive. I have seen the number 5 for Boris – it is clear and vivid that it is important, but it isn’t always clear exactly how it will fit together. These messages will become clearer and clearer as we go down the line.

The interpretation of readings and how they can become clear over time was especially clear in my work in relation to Princess Diana. Many years ago, I was giving a reading to Lady Sarah McCorquodale (sa soeur). During the reading, I heard a voice telling me that “the queen” was going to die. I could see her in the back of a car, being pulled out onto a grey pavement, with two people performing CPR. I could also see that the following week, the queen mother would also pass.

As we all know, this didn’t happen – however, after this reading took place, Princess Diana was famously interviewed by Martin Bashir in which she said she would like to be remembered as “the queen of people’s hearts”.

The nature of her passing is clear to all of us , maintenant; so I now know that it was sa death I was seeing. My history of royal predictions has continued over the years: lors d'une comparution sur Femmes Lâches, dans 2018, I predicted the birth of Prince William and Kate’s third child, Louis.

Et, dans 2020 (during an Australian media interview) I realised that Sophie, Countess of Wessex, would rise to the status of senior royal during the following year. We now know that due to the subsequent passing of Prince Phillip, she has indeed risen to prominence within the ranks of the monarchy – and has taken on more and more public duties. I’ve even done a reading for Prince Harry.

Sally Morgan and Prince Harry

Souvent, when I am around people, it becomes very clear what their future holds. When I was in the Big Brother house in 2018, it was clear to me from the moment I met him that Ryan Thomas was destined to win the show. Prior to entering the house, I could see in my mind that a woman would leave the show voluntarily, very early in the process.

To my surprise, when I entered, this did not appear to happen. pourtant, upon my exit from the program I learned that Stormy Daniels (Donald Trump’s alleged mistress) had quit the show in the car as she was travelling to the studio. This is the power of being a psychic.

As for Boris Johnson? Wait and see – what I’ve told you is likely to be true.

Sally Morgan is Britain’s best-loved psychic medium. Her book, Secret Spirit, is available now

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