Insulate Britain block three main routes into London

Insulate Britain block three main routes into London
Metropolitan Police say demonstrations are unreasonable, as dozens arrested

Byna 40 people have been arrested after protesters from the climate activism group Isoleer Brittanje blocked three major routes into Londen, including Hanger Lane, Arnos Grove and the Blackwall Tunnel.

The environmental group, which also blocked Wandsworth Bridge in south London, said around 50 people were involved in the demonstrations calling on the government to improve the quality of home insulation to help tackle klimaatverandering and fuel poverty.

Die Metropolitaanse polisie said on Monday that at least 38 people had been arrested for blocking the roads. “We consider protests of this nature unreasonable, and are acting as quickly as possible to minimise disruption caused to members of the public using the roads,” the force said.

At around 12.30pm, it added that the protesters had been removed and the roads had been cleared, with traffic beginning to move again.

At the Blackwall Tunnel, a group of activists sat down on the northbound A102, causing large queues to build up during rush hour.

In a video posted by LBC, a woman was seen pleading with the protesters to move, saying she needed to drive to see her sick mother in hospital.

She told them: “She’s in the ambulance, she’s going to the hospital in CanterburyI need to go to the hospital. Please let me pass. This isn’t OK … How can you be so selfish?”

As the protesters assembled in the road with banners, a van driver at traffic lights was seen trying to drive around them but ended up slowly driving into one of the activists before having to reverse.

At Wandsworth Bridge, members of the public were seen repeatedly dragging protesters off the road so that motorists – including an ambulance crew – could continue their journeys.

The demonstration was the 11th day of action by the group in recent weeks. Protesters have previously targeted the M25, M4 and port of Dover.

The government took out a fresh injunction last week banning protesters from Insulate Britain from obstructing traffic and access to motorways and major A roads in and around London.

Anyone who breaks the injunction faces imprisonment or an unlimited fine, and activists found in contempt of court may also be forced to repay the costs of their case.

Insulate Britain has pledged to continue its action until the government makes “a meaningful statement indicating that they will insulate all of Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030”.

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