iPhone deals – live: Today’s best mobile and contract deals

iPhone deals - live: Today’s best mobile and contract deals
After Apple announced new products this week, we’re in the mood for saving some money on the brand’s leading tech

<p>Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see  </p><p>Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see  </p>

Whether it’s a pair of AirPods or a new MacBook, these are the discounts you need to see

The IndyBest team knows a thing or two about online shopping. Whether it’s providing advice via tried and tested product reviews of everything from the iPad air 4 to the best silk pillowcases or bringing you the very best deals on VPNs, tablets, mattresses and more, we’ve got your back when it comes to navigating the virtual shelves.

But for today, we’re turning our attention to Apple after the company announced details of its all-new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7. It’s a rare sight to see, but as the brand launches its all-new tech, there’s plenty of Apple deals currently available – we’re talking discounted AirPods, iPads and so much more.

So, if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch or mobile phone for a fraction of the price, keep scrolling for today’s top picks – you can thank us later.

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Good morning shoppers

It’s almost the weekend and we’re here (as always) to help you celebrate by saving you some money on your favourite products.

Following the Apple event earlier this week we’ve decided to focus on bringing you the best deals on mobile phone contracts and Apple tech out there at the moment.

We’ll be searching for everything from iPhones to Apple Watches so get your credit card out and your basket on standby.

And don’t forget the iPhone 13 pre-order will be available from tomorrow (17 September) at 1pm so check back in with us then too.

Sophie Gallagher16 September 2021 09:00

Deal-hunting done

That’s it from us today folks – we hope you’ve enjoyed our rolling coverage of the best iPhone and Apple Watch deals. We’ll of course be back tomorrow with more of the same, so be sure to get your shopping lists ready.

If you want more Apple discount news, we’d recommend reading our guide to the Black Friday deals you can expect on Apple products:

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Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 17:15

We love Apple’s homepod and it has £20 off right now

Apple homepod mini: Was £96.99, now £69, Very.co.uk

“For many users of Apple’s ecosystem, a homepod is the obvious choice, keeping things streamlined and easy to pair. However, for us, the homepod’s little brother, the mini, is the better option out of the two,” noted our writer in his review of the best smart speakers.

“It’s smaller, taking up less room on your bedside or coffee table, but still packs plenty of sound into its speakers,” he added. As for the internal microphones, they “work without any issues, and the mini’s software is, reassuringly, Apple”. “A good price for an impressive smart speaker.”

If you need some more convincing, read our full in-depth review of the device:

Is Apple’s homepod mini worth the £99 price tag?

Apple’s homepod mini may have the looks, but does it deliver on sound and smart features? We put the tiny smart speaker from Apple to the test

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 16:45

No AirPods 3 launch, but the AirPods pro have £70 off

Apple AirPods pro: Was £249, now £179, Amazon.co.uk

Rather disappointingly, Apple did not launch new AirPods this time around. But fear not, because we’ve just spotted this whopping deal on its leading earbuds.

Mostly retaining the same design as the OG AirPods, our writer noted they have a “heightened level of finesse” in our in-depth review of the pros. As high-end earphones go, these are “difficult to find much fault in”, they said.

As for the audio quality, they have a “lovely, warm sound to them, beautifully balanced across the register” and the “adaptive EQ automatically tunes low and mid frequencies to the shape of your ear, which kicks in the longer you listen”.

The active noise cancellation is “impressive”, “shutting out the majority of ambient noise, and dampening any sound that gets through”. With money off such a high-quality pair of headphones, we’d recommend snapping up this deal ASAP.

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 15:45

Apple’s upgrade program now open

Apple’s upgrade program allows you to get the new phone as soon as it is available, for a monthly payment, and the tech giant has updated its website to say upgrades will be available from Friday 17 September at 1pm. On the landing page, it indicates that the pay-monthly price starts at £37.45 for the handset, with a £69 upfront fee.

If you are already part of the programme, you can check your eligibility status now.

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 14:45

Currys PC World just launched its interest link

Tech retailer Currys PC World has just released its registration link for the highly anticipated iPhone 13 launch, with pre-order starting on Friday (17 September) and stock coming a week later on Friday 24 September.

To find out complete pricing and availability, we’d recommend signing up now!

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 14:15

How much does the iPhone 13 cost?

During Apple’s product launch event yesterday (14 September) it announced that it was giving us not one, but four new handsets: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 max. They all have the same upgraded A15 chip, but the pro and pro max have more advanced features, including better battery life, improved cameras and a new 120HZ promotion display. As such, they are all priced differently:

  • iPhone 13 mini: £679
  • iPhone 13: £779
  • iPhone 13 pro: £949
  • iPhone 13 pro max: £1,049
Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 13:45

iPhone 13 pre-order date and free Apple music at O2

Much like other network providers, O2 has just announced that it will be kicking off its pre-orders on Friday 17 September for the iPhone 13, as well as the all-new pro and pro max versions of the handset. The smartphone will arrive a week later and O2 is offering you up to six months of Apple Music for free and a three-year warranty on the plus plan option.

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 13:15

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 pro: The differences between the smartphones

Apple announced that its all-new smartphone, the iPhone 13 comes in four models: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max. They all have a lot in common, including the new A15 Bionic chip, faster 5G and a smaller notch. But, the Pro series is arguably on another level compared to the iPhone 13.

The pro has a new 120HZ promotion display, as well as improved cameras, but it also has a better battery life (22 hours for the pro, 28 hours for the pro max). Owing to the fact it is such a high-end device, it’s got a high price tag to boot. The price of the iPhone 13 starts at £779 (Apple.com), while the iPhone 13 pro will cost £949 (Apple.com).

Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 12:45

How to pre-order Apple Watch series 7

Usually, you can expect Apple to confirm a pre-order and release date with the announcement of a new product. This time, Apple simply said the Watch series 7 would be available “later this fall”.

This most likely means that the wearable will be released anytime before the end of November 2021 with a pre-order window up to two weeks before the device goes on sale. However, the ongoing global chip shortage could cause some delays with the initial production and availability of the Watch series 7. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For more details on how to pre-order the all-new Apple Watch series 7, read our explainer:

Here’s when you can get your hands on the new Apple Watch series 7

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Eva Waite-Taylor15 September 2021 12:15

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