Irish presenter shuts down Nigel Farage: ‘You haven’t got a clue’

Irish presenter shuts down Nigel Farage: ‘You haven’t got a clue’
Brexit Party founder confronted with clip of him reciting hoax IRA message after he claimed Ireland was ‘governed by Europe’

An Irish broadcaster shut down Nigel Farage by confronting him on his knowledge of the country’s history after he claimed the country was “governed by” the EU.

The former leader of Ukip and the Brexit Party took his anti-EU agitating onto Ireland’s airwaves on Monday, questioning why the nation was still part of the bloc during an appearance on RTE One’s Claire Byrne Live.

Speaking to Ms Byrne about the effects that Brexit has had on Britain and Northern Ireland, Mr Farage questioned why the Irish had fought the British for “500 often very bloody, difficult years.”

He added: “What was the point of it if you’re now governed by European commissioners?”

Ms Byrne said she thought viewers would be “entertained” by his remarks and decided to test the former politician’s knowledge of Ireland.

“I want people to see just how much you know about the history and culture on this island,” the presenter said.

The programme then cut to a video in which Mr Farage was tricked into reciting a republican message.

“I know it’s early so I’ve only got coffee but I hope you enjoy a few pints with the lads tonight. Up the RA,” he says in the clip from Cameo, a website on which people can pay celebrities for recorded messages.

Ms Byrne then said: “I know that you said sorry and you get £87 and you have every right to do that.

“Come on, don’t try and lecture the Irish people about the culture and history and precarious nature of peace on this island, you haven’t got a clue.”

Mr Farage responded by insisting Ireland needed to have a debate over whether to become independent or not in the next few years.

He said: “Do you want to be an independent, democratic nation or governed by foreign bureaucrats? That’s the question that Ireland will ask itself.

“The Irish people wish to be independent or not and that is a debate that will happen in your country in the next few years.”

Ms Byrne was praised for confronting Mr Farage following the interview.

“Good on @ClaireByrneLive for showing up Farage for what he is – a mouthpiece for offence,” tweeted anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain.


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