Is this Britain’s most picturesque delivery route?

Is this Britain’s most picturesque delivery route?
‘Often the location of work can have a big impact on moods,’ tech expert says

One lucky delivery driver may have the most picturesque route in the country, including lakeside views and verdant mountainsides.

Business owner Gary McFadden takes in the classic scenery every day as he travels the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District.

The road ambles along a route with an altitude of 1,489ft and is the district’s highest pass open to traffic.

The video was put together to accompany a poll of 2,000 desk-based workers, which found 44 per cent would like to find a job that involved being outside.

Some 85 per cent said they wished they could spend less time at their desk.

Dan Richards, from technology company Wise, which commissioned the survey, said: “The UK has some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole world – and many lucky self-employed delivery drivers know this better than anyone else.

“It’s important everyone enjoys their job and often the location of work can have a big impact on moods.

“This eye-catching video shows the array of views delivery drivers can see in one day alone – all while playing a vital role in the UK’s supply chain, getting parcels to customers.”

Half of those surveyed admitted to being in a rut at work, having held their current job for an average of six years. More than two-fifths (46 per cent) thought they had a nice view outside their office but when 28 per cent looked up from their desk they only saw a plain wall – and 27 per cent just saw their colleagues.

The main aspects workers least enjoyed about their current roles included looking at a screen (41 per cent), a lack of time spent outdoors (28 per cent) and too much administration (22 per cent).