‘It hurts’: Mother describes heart-wrenching call from son who was hit in Florida shooting

‘It hurts’: Mother describes heart-wrenching call from son who was hit in Florida shooting
‘He called us, frantic, telling us that he had been shot’, mom recalls

A was heartbroken to hear that two of her 家族 メンバー, her son and nephew, were victims of the 銃乱射事件 over the weekend at a コンサート 近く マイアミ.

Angelica Green spoke about discovering the shocking news while standing outside of the facility where the two victims were receiving medical treatment, Jackson Memorial Hospital. They are both recuperating from their operations.

“He called us, frantic, telling us that he had been shot,」 Green said to reporters. “That it hurts, it hurts, and that he loves me, he wants us to know. My husband was like, いいえ, stay with us, stay with us.”

Both were attending an album launch party of a local rapper at the El Muna Hotel in Hialeah, フロリダ. According to local authorities, they believe a trio armed with assault rifles got out of a white Nissan Pathfinder and shot into the crowd that had gathered at the facility, rented out for a concert, at roughly 12am. Two people have died and approximately 22 people were injured, two of which were Ms Green’s son and nephew.

She said her son had been shot once in the abdomen, and her nephew had been shot four times, but she was “grateful that he’s still here, and I’m praying for the other families”.

She was adamant that her family not become just another number in the ongoing tragedy of American gun violence.

“He’s not a statistic. He graduated from college last year. So he’s educated,” she said of her son. “He was going out with his educated cousin to just celebrate the weekend, and they had not made it into the club as of yet.”

Another survivor’s family member, Carolyn Barnes, expressed her solidarity with the victims and their families.

“I feel so sad. I feel so sad for everybody. I feel like all of these families are my family. I feel so bad everybody,” she said after her 20-year-old granddaughter was discovered to have been shot.

Miami-Dade County Police have established that it was not a random attack, but they did not divulge any more information about a motive.

Police are appealing to anyone who knows anything to come forward. A reward of $125,000 is available for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooters still at large.

It was the second shooting in the Miami area this weekend following a shooting that took place on Friday in the Wynwood district, which led the Miami chief of police Art Acevado to appear on CBS and call for federal gun control reform.

による ニューヨークタイムズ, there has been over 232 mass shootings in 2021. に 2020, there was roughly 600 そして 417 に 2019.