It looks like an Ariana Grande beauty line is coming soon

It looks like an Ariana Grande beauty line is coming soon
The singer has filed to trademark a “Flourishing” mascara and “Borderline” eyeliner

It seems that Ariana Grande could be the latest celebrity to create her own beauty line.

The speculation comes after the launch of a new Instagram page dedicated to “r.e.m. beauty” – which takes on the name of her 2018 single “R.E.M”.

While the singer herself does not follow the account, it is one of the only 18 pages her mother, Joan Grande, follows on the platform.

The cryptic page is currently blank, bar the word “loading…” in the bio. The venture also has its own website, which is again blank apart from an “r.e.m.” logo and a sign-up box for fans to receive updates via email.

In addition, a billboard advertising “r.e.m. beauty” with the words “coming soon” has been spotted in New York.

Earlier this week, the singer’s close friend, Doug Middlebrook, posted a picture of himself in front of the display on Instagram tagging Grande and Times Square.

Separately, a company named Thunder Road filed a request to trademark “r.e.m. beauty” with the US Patent and Trademark Office in March.

As per Open Corporates, an open database of companies, Grande is Thunder Road’s chief executive officer.

While it’s still unclear which products the singer hopes to add to her beauty line, the trademark aims to cover items including concealer, eyeshadow, lip gloss, eyeliner, blotting paper and brow gel.

Grande, who is known for her signature ponytail, may also be venturing into the world of hair. The trademark – which is yet to be accepted – will also cover hair extensions, fake hair and hair weave.

Other trademark applications submitted by her company suggest that she is likely to release mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow first.

Taking inspiration from her song names and lyrics from “God is a Woman”, “Borderline” and “Be Alright”, Thunder Road has also applied to trademark a “Flourishing Volumizing Mascara”, “At the Borderline Eyeliner” and “Midnight Shadows.”

The newlywed singer has already made some headway into the beauty world, having released eight fragrances since 2015. These also take inspiration from her hit singles, including “Thank You Next”, “R.E.M” and “God is a Woman”.


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