Italian DJ files ‘criminal claim’ against Conor McGregor after alleged punch

Italian DJ files ‘criminal claim’ against Conor McGregor after alleged punch
Francesco Facchinetti accused the Irishman of breaking his nose at a party in Rome this month

An Italian DJ who alleged that 康纳麦格雷戈 punched him at a party in Rome has now filed a “criminal claim” against the UFC 星星, 他说 ESPN.

Francesco Facchinetti accused McGregor of breaking his nose in the incident on 16 十月, writing on social media: “He attacked me without motivation after we talked for more than two hours and we also had fun together.

“I could have shut up and not said anything to anyone, but since I’m here to tell it, I must say that person is really violent and dangerous.”

现在, speaking to ESPN, the 41-year-old has said he has filed a complaint with Italian law enforcement.

“It’s something about ethics, and Conor is f*****g dangerous,” Facchinetti said of the Irishman.

“This is a problem. He can do better than this, he can be better than this. What happens, he punches a guy tomorrow and that guy dies? What happens? What happens to MMA?”

Facchinetti’s attorney Matteo Sergio Calori told ESPN that, under Italian law, criminal investigations are not made public, and that even he has not had access to the police report around the incident.

“Mr Facchinetti made a criminal claim against Mr Conor McGregor,” Calori wrote in an email to ESPN.

Facchinetti added: “为我, it’s not about money. I don’t care about money.

“I’m rich. I have everything. I have a wife, I have four babies. I have my life. If Conor McGregor wants to give me $10million, [I don’t] care.”