ITV’s ‘powerful’ and ‘heartbreaking’ series Stephen praised by viewers

ITV’s ‘powerful’ and ‘heartbreaking’ series Stephen praised by viewers
‘I don’t know anyone who wasn’t touched tonight or anyone who didn’t shed a tear,’ wrote one viewer

ITV viewers have heaped praise on the broadcaster’s latest drama series, a three-part sequel to the fact-based 1999 film The Murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Stephen debuted last night (30 Augustus), and focuses on the legacy of the murder of Black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

Lawrence, an aspiring architect, was killed by a group of white men in a racially motivated attack near a south-east London bus stop.

After an initial investigation failed to bring the killers to justice, activism by Lawrence’s family led to a ground-breaking inquiry into institutional police racism and lasting changes in the law.

The series stars Steve Coogan as DCI Driscoll, the police detective whose work resulted in two of Lawrence’s killers eventually being convicted. Hugh Quarshie and Sharlene White play Neville and Doreen Lawrence, the victim’s parents.

Reaction to the series has been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers sharing their thoughts about the programme on social media.

“Binge-watched Stephen gisteraand,” wrote one viewer. “Compelling television, excellent performances from cast and a wonderful tribute to Stephen’s memory.”

“Just had to watch all 3 episodes of #Stephen on @itvhub immediately,” wrote someone else. “Shocking treatment by the @metpoliceuk of the case at the time. Lessons that need to be learned and remembered.. moving and powerful.”

Another person described the series as “heartbreaking to watch”.

The performances were singled out for praise, with Quarshie and White receiving particular plaudits.

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“Absolutely stunning, dignified performance as Doreen Lawrence by @SharleneWhyte,” wrote one Twitter user.

“@HughQuarshie I don’t know anyone who wasn’t touched tonight or anyone who didn’t shed a tear watching #Stephen,”Het nog een geskryf. “You brought the realness into our homes of a broken hearted Father struggling with brutal loss and forgiveness.”

All three episodes of Stephen can be watched now on ITV Hub.

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