Jackass director granted temporary restraining order against Bam Margera following death threats

Jackass director granted temporary restraining order against Bam Margera following death threats
News follows Margera’s hostile exit from the sequel

Jackass director Jeff Tremaine has been granted a temporary restraining order against Bam Margera after receiving death threats from the star.

As reported by People, legal documents obtained by the magazine included screenshots of death threats that Margera had texted Tremaine.

One screenshot allegedly sees Margera making threats against the director’s children, which he says he means “from the bottom of my heart”.

The order was granted on 25 May and will remain in place until 15 June.

In a petition presented to the judge, Tremaine wrote that he is in “great fear for my and my family’s personal safety”.

In his petition, the director also claimed that the 41-year-old had called him to claim “that he has ‘powers as a wizard’” and “can create and strike lightning”. He also said Margera “spoke in numbers instead of English” at times.

The Independent has contacted a representative of Margera’s for comment.

Earlier this year, Margera told TMZ that he had been fired from the forthcoming Jackass 4 film for refusing to follow through with contract-mandated rehab. Margera has entered rehab a number of times for substance abuse.

In the wake of his firing, the star posted a video on social media criticising Tremaine and fellow Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, who he said “betrayed me, abandoned me, rejected me” and “strung me along like a f***ing puppet”.

Jackass star Steve-O, who has dealt with his own history of addiction, responded on social media, writing that Knoxville and Tremaine “are the same two people who organised the intervention which saved my life”.

He added: “Everyone bent over backwards to get you in the movie, and all you had to do was not get loaded. You’ve continued to get loaded, it’s that simple”.

Speaking about his former co-star’s wellbeing in an interview with GQ, Knoxville said: “We want Bam to be happy and healthy and get the help he needs… We tried to push that along. I think that’s all I really want to say about it.”

Margera starred in the original MTV series with Knoxville and Steve-O, which ran from 2000 to 2002. He has also appeared in the previous three Jackass films.

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