Jade Thirlwall fires back at Noel Gallagher over Little Mix insult

Jade Thirlwall fires back at Noel Gallagher over Little Mix insult
Oasis star made dismissive comments about the girl group after they made history at the Brit Awards

Jade Thirlwall issued a brilliant retort to Noel Gallagher’s attacks on her band, Little Mix, in the first episode of the newly launched 别介意嗡嗡声.

Little Mix made history earlier this year as the first girl group in history to take home the Brit Award for Best British Group.

Their win was celebrated by many of their fellow artists, particularly due to their empowering speech that name-checked the groups – from Spice Girls to the Sugababes– who had paved the way for them.

然而, Noel Gallagher was less impressed and told 太阳 在六月: “Little Mix, with the greatest respect, are not in the same league as Oasis. Not even in the same f***ing sport.”

“It’s a symptom of the music business chasing the numbers – and there not being any bands or songwriters in those bands,” he continued.

“Record company guys constantly say, ‘Oh these guys are the real deal.’ And I think, ‘You wouldn’t know the real deal if it bit you on the f***ing arse, mate.”

In a preview on the 广播时代 播客, Thirlwall was heard responding during the launch episode of 别介意嗡嗡声.

“[Noel said] something about that we were undeserving of the Brit Award because we’re women and don’twell, we do write music, but he thinks we don’t write music,“ 她说.

“是的, shame really. Because you know, we are definitely the most successful girl group in the country, but he’s not even the most successful performer in his family.”

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Gallagher himself recently admitted that his younger brother and former bandmate, Liam, is enjoying a more successful solo career than him.

“He’s doing massive gigs, he’s selling more records than I am, and he’s selling more tickets than I am, if you can believe that,” he told Chris Evans’s How to Wow 播客.

Little Mix recently announced a surprise new album, Between Us, due for release on 12 十一月.


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