Jake Davison named locally as Plymouth shooter

Jake Davison named locally as Plymouth shooter
What happened in Plymouth shooting?

The gunman who murdered five people in a shooting spree in Plymouth has been named locally as apprentice crane operator Jake Davison.

The 23-year-old is said to have shot members of his own family on Thursday evening before heading to a park and opening fire on strangers.

The atrocity, which happened at around 6pm, is being treated as a domestic incident and is not thought to be related to terrorism.

Police believe that the suspect shot himself and the gunman was found dead at the scene on Thursday evening.

Jake Davison is reported to be an apprentice crane operator and has posted support for President Trump on his social media.

In one post on Facebook, Mr Davison re-posted a photo of the former US President with a quote that read: “In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch.”

He also updated his Facebook cover photo to a picture of a bald eagle – the emblem of the United States – standing in front of the American flag.

Police believe that the gunman was known to some of his victims, and a young girl, who is also believed to be related to him, is amongst those killed.

Two females and two males were dead at the scene and another woman died a short time later in hospital after being treated for gunshot wounds.

Witnesses described seeing the gunman dressed in black and grey and kicking down the door of a semi-detached house and opening fire just after 6pm yesterday.

Residents of Keyham, an area near the Plymouth docks, reported seeing bodies in the streets and hearing “loud bangs and gunshots”.

It is thought that the gunman fled the rear of the property on Biddick drive, ran along a cul-de-sac, and then onto a street where he is believed to have shot at strangers.

The gunman then allegedly moved into a park and shot at two dog walkers.

One eyewitness wrote on social media: “There’s [a man] on the rampage in my cul-de-sac with a real gun and he’s already shot two people.

“They are laying on the ground. One is dead – blood everywhere. I’m shaking like a leaf.”

Another said: “The guy shot members of his family then went out onto the street”.

A witness named Sharon, who lives near Biddick drive where the incident took place, told the BBC: “Firstly, there was shouting, followed by gunshots – three, possibly four to begin with.

“This was when the shooter kicked in the door of a house and randomly started shooting… he ran from the house shooting as he ran and proceeded to shoot at a few people in the Linear Park up from the drive.”

Robert Pinkerton, 54, said he had “bumped into a bloke with a shotgun” after he heard a “loud bang”.

Mr Pinkerton saw an injured woman in the doorway of a hairdressers and a man trying to give her medical help.

Local MP Luke Pollard said one of the people killed was a child “under ten years old”.

Videos posted on social media showed a body covered with a sheet lying on the pavement as an armed policeman stood next to it.

The Hazardous Area Response Unit (HART), National Police Air Service and around three air ambulances were all sent to the scene of the shooting.

A resident of the area, John, said: “I heard the air ambulance helicopters, and two of them landed in the playing field behind us.

“Then we could hear police cars screeching and we saw armed response officers running up the hill, carrying guns. And loads of ambulances arrived.

“I went out to check that people were all right and to ask if there was anything we could do, and the Police Community Support Officers told everyone to get back indoors.

“Then we saw the ambulances take people away. It all seemed to be happening at the man’s family home, I think. People are saying that the man has killed himself. He’s only a young guy, late teens or early 20s.”

Another witness said: “I was at my mate’s house after going to the gym. We were in his kitchen making some sandwiches and suddenly we heard shouting followed by screaming.

“We really thought nothing of it as the area can be noisy sometimes. We soon after heard what we thought was a firework going off so then walked towards the front off the house.

“We then saw the body of the gunman and called 999.”

Following the incident, Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “The incident in Plymouth is shocking and my thoughts are with those affected. I have spoken to the Chief Constable and offered my full support.

“I urge everyone to remain calm, follow police advice and allow our emergency services to get on with their jobs.”


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