James Corden addresses BTS fan backlash: ‘Someone told me they hope I die today’

James Corden addresses BTS fan backlash: ‘Someone told me they hope I die today’
Presenter said he ‘loves’ the group’s fanbase, and that he ‘didn’t think the jokes were in any way offensive’

ジェームズコーデン has addressed the backlash he received from fans of the Korean pop group BTS 今年の初め.

ザ・ レイト×2ショー host was criticised by members of Army (the collective term for BTS fans) in September over comments he made on his late night chat show.

Alluding to the band’s appearance at a UN summit, Corden described the band as “pretty unusual visitors”, before characterising BTS’s fanbase as being comprised of “15-year-old girls”.

Speaking to the band themselves on last night’s (23 11月) のエピソード レイト×レイトショー, Corden discussed the backlash and walked back the latter remark.

“We did two jokes, which I didn’t think were in any way offensive to anybody," 彼は言った.

He then conceded that his comment about the fanbase being solely 15-year-old girls “of course isn’t true”, claiming that he himself is “one of the biggest BTS fans on planet Earth”.

“I’ve never been on that side of the Army before," 彼は言った.

Recalling his reaction at the time, Corden remembered telling his co-star: “Someone’s just told me they hope I die today.”

“Which did feel extreme," 彼は言った, “In response to what I felt were two quite harmless jokes.”

しかしながら, Corden then flagged up the charity work carried out by some of BTS’s fans, emphasising: “We absolutely love you, and we love the entire Army. “The prospect of doing anything that may have upset themI didn’t enjoy that feeling.”

The band took the incident in good humour, joking that they had accepted Corden’s apology.


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