Jeffrey Epstein accuser testifies that she met Trump at Mar-a-lago when she was 14

Jeffrey Epstein accuser testifies that she met Trump at Mar-a-lago when she was 14
Meeting would have taken place in 1994, more than two decades before Trump’s successful 2016 presidential run

A woman who has accused the late billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein of abuse has testified during the trial of his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell that the disgraced financier drove her to Mar-a-Lago to meet former President Donald Trump when she was 14 years old.

The accuser, going under the pseudonym “Jane”, was cross-examined by the defence team on the third day of Ms Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.

Epstein died by suicide in a Manhattan jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on charges of sex crimes.

The British socialite’s defence lawyer, Laura Menninger, asked Jane if she had been introduced to Mr Trump by Epstein, which Jane said was “correct”.

“He took you to Mar-a-Lago, right? When you were 14?” Ms Menninger asked.

“Yes,” Jane said.

“He took you in a dark green car?” Jane again answered in the affirmative, according to The Daily Mail.

The meeting would have taken place in 1994, more than two decades before Mr Trump’s successful 2016 run for the White House.

Ms Menninger asked if Jane could recall being on Epstein’s private planes with a “number of individuals”, including Prince Andrew, which Jane said was accurate. She added that she was never commanded to have sex with Epstein’s associates or to recruit other girls.

Ms Menninger asked Jane about the other women who participated in the “orgies”. Jane agreed that someone called Sophie was “tall and thin” with “nice legs” and a “tan”.

She also agreed when asked by Ms Menninger if Sophie “knew the routine” and if she would “make out with other girls during the intercourse”.

“You continued to travel on Mr Epstein’s dime after you ‘escaped’ from him in 1999, that’s right?” Ms Menninger asked Jane.

“That’s not true,” she replied. She went on to tell the jury that she felt “intimidated” when Ms Maxwell and Epstein would boast about knowing famous and powerful people, such as Mr Trump.

Describing the interior design of Epstein’s homes, she said: “Art, sculptures. Pictures of famous people, presidents. I thought some of the art was odd – naked women, creepy animals.”

Epstein’s former pilot, Larry Visoski, said on Tuesday that he met Jane in the 1990s.

“Mr Epstein brought her to the cockpit. She had piercing powder blue eyes,” he said.

“And beyond the striking blue eyes, you have said she had large breasts, right?” Ms Maxwell’s attorney Christian Everdell asked the pilot, who said she was “a mature woman”.

He said he didn’t notice any kind of sexual activity while working for Epstein.

Mr Vioski said Mr Trump flew on Epstein’s plane before becoming president.

“I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,” he said.

The pilot also confirmed that former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and actor Kevin Spacey all flew on the plane.