Jennifer Lawrence onthou die bisarre kostuum-ongeluk op Don't Look Up-stel

Jennifer Lawrence onthou die bisarre kostuum-ongeluk op Don't Look Up-stel
Actors were filming ‘Don’t Look Up’ when Lawrence consumed the small piece of jewellery

Jennifer Lawrence has recalled an awkward moment during the filming of Don’t Look Up, where she accidentally inhaled a magnetic nose ring.

The actor sports red hair and two nose rings for her role as an astronomer in the Netflix film.

Praat met Vanity Fair about costume mishaps, Lawrence said: “The nose ringsone just kind of hangs in; one is a magnet. And many, many times I accidentally inhaled said magnet and had to spit it out in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Lawrence and DiCaprio star in the film alongside Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and Ariana Grande.

Don’t Look Up is a comedy following two astronomers (Lawrence and DiCaprio) who try to warn the world that a giant meteorite is going to destroy Earth in six months.

In Februarie, Lawrence sustained minor injuries after a glass explosion stunt went wrong on the set of Don’t Look Up.

The Netflix comedy was forced to temporarily suspend production following the disruption.

Lawrence had been shooting a scene with Timothée Chalamet when the controlled glass explosion sent shards of glass flying, causing minor injuries to the Hunger Games ster.

Hierdie week, Netflix unveiled the full-length trailer vir Don’t Look Up.

Director Adam McKay has described the film as a “dark comedy”, telling the Happy Sad Confused podcast earlier this year that it is “a disaster movie in which people don’t necessarily believe that the disaster is coming”.

Hy het bygevoeg: “It’s two mid-level, very sincere astronomers who make the discovery of a lifetime, which is a killer asteroid headed toward Earth. They have to warn everyone and have to go on a media tour.

“It’s them navigating our world. It’s them navigating their equivalent of Twitter. It’s them navigating the political landscape. It’s them navigating talk shows and how they’re perceived.”

Don’t Look Up will be released in UK cinemas on 10 Desember, before arriving on Netflix on 24 Desember.

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