Jessie J appears to address Nicki Minaj controversy by ‘praying’ for people who ‘function through conflict’

Jessie J appears to address Nicki Minaj controversy by ‘praying’ for people who ‘function through conflict’
It comes after rapper disputed Jessie J’s claims about a record appearance earlier this week

Jessie J appears to have addressed a recent Nicki Minaj controversy in a new post on social media.

On Thursday (August 5), Minaj disputed Jessie’s claim that the rapper personally asked to appear on “Bang Bang”, a 2014 collaboration between the pair and Ariana Grande.

Speaking about the origins of the track, Jessie claimed in an interview with Glamour that both she and Grande had been played the Max Martin-produced track and decided to collaborate on it. “So Ariana stayed on the second verse, I recorded the first verse, and then Nicki was played it in the studio and was like, ‘I’ve got to jump on this,’” she said. “We didn’t go to her and ask; she wanted to do it.”

Soon after the interview was published, however, Minaj contested the British singer’s version of events in a tweet that quickly went viral. The rapper insisted that she hadn’t asked to perform on the track and instead was paid to do so by her record label.

“How would I have heard the song?” Minaj tweeted. “Chiiille what am I the damn song monitor? Snoopin around for songs chile?”

On Friday (6 August), Jessie appeared to address the controversy in a cryptic post to her Instagram Story. She shared a pre-existing poem declaring that “life really is short” and urging others to “be kind”.

“Try and remember how lucky you are to still be here in the physical on earth,” the poem continued. “Appreciate the small things. Smell the flowers. Help a stranger. Lead with love. Focus on what’s important. People who function through conflict. Pray for them.”

Jessie J’s Instagram Story

Jessie personally captioned the poem “Incase [sic] anyone needed this today”, before adding in brackets “(I do)”.

It remains unclear, however, if Jessie’s Instagram Story was specifically in reference to the “Bang Bang” controversy.

After contesting the claims about “Bang Bang”’s origins, Minaj did clarify that there were no hard feelings between her and Jessie. She additionally tweeted that she would have preferred to collaborate with the British singer on her 2011 track “Do It Like a Dude”.

“The worst part about this is no1EVER asked me2get on ‘like a dude’ & I have been obsessed w that song since the min I heard it,” Minaj tweeted. “I was doing promo in the UK and heard it on the radio… I would’ve gotten on that 1 for some pickle juice.”

The Independent previously contacted Jessie J’s representative over the “Bang Bang” snafu.


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