Joe Lycett writes rare political statement after causing Downing Street panic

Joe Lycett writes rare political statement after causing Downing Street panic
Lycett had released a parody of Sue Gray’s report into government parties

Joe Lycett has released a rare political statement after trolling the government with his fake Sue Gray 报告.

本周早些时候, the comedian tweeted a parody of Gray’s forthcoming report on Downing Street parties that said MP’s had a WhatsApp group called “Down It Street”.

After several MP’s reportedly thought the parody was real, Lycett has released a statement sharply criticising the government and their handling of the pandemic.

In the impassioned statement, Lycett talks about the death of a close friend and how they were unable to have a proper funeral for him, due to government-imposed rules that prevented large gatherings.

Lycett condemned the government for their hypocrisy and disregard of their own rules: “To hell with my dead friend, they think, and all your dead friends and dead relatives. You followed the rules and we didn’t but we’re in power and that’s all that matters so spin on it.”

The 33-year-old added that the government led by Boris Johnson are “about power and little else”.

“They torch traditions and institutions with ease if it helps them retain their grip,“ 他说.

He concluded by saying that it feels “absolutely f****** fantastic” to have caused “mass panic” with sections of the government thinking his Sue Gray parody was real.

There have been numerous reactions to Lycett’s letter on social media including from fellow comedian and TV host, Sue Perkins. She tweeted: “This is the most wonderful letter. I’m so sorry for your loss, Joe. And f*** those who never followed the rules.”

Bestselling author from Wolverhampton, Caitlin Moran, also wrote: “I love Joe Lycett.”

Musician Badly Drawn Boy tweeted: “Letter (鸣叫) of the year,” in response to the post.

前任的 Great British Bake Off contestant Michael Chakraverty also wrote: “Big love, Joe. we appreciate you.”

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