Justin Trudeau planning snap Canada election, verslag sê

Justin Trudeau planning snap Canada election, verslag sê
The snap elections would be on 20 September.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to call a snap election, four sources told Reuters in a report published Thursday.

Reuters reported that Mr Trudeau will make the announcement Sunday for a snap election to be held 20 September, two years earlier than expected.

One reason Mr Trudeau wants to call for a snap election is his Liberal Party governs with a minority, meaning he needs to receive support from other parties to pass his legislation. Mr Trudeau’s party previously had a majority when he was elected in 2015 but the party took a hit when photos emerged of Mr Trudeau as a young man wearing blackface.

Liberals currently hold 155 van die 338 seats in the House of Commons.

Tans, the prime minister wants to pump an extra in $100 billion in Canadian money into the economy,

A poll from Abacus that was conducted between 6 August and 11 August shows that the Liberal Party leads with 37 percent of the vote compared to Conservatives, who have 28 percent of the vote.

The Liberal Party did not respond to request for comment from Reuters.

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