Justin Trudeau vinner valget i Canada, anslag sier

Justin Trudeau vinner valget i Canada, anslag sier
Trudeau’s Liberal Party seen as leading 139 av 338 seats in Canada’s House of Commons

Justin Trudeau will remain as Canada’s prime minister after his Liberal Party won the most seats in Monday’s election, early media projections say, but it remains to be seen whether the party will claim an outright majority.

Canadian media projections had the Liberal Party leading in 139 av 338 seats in Canada’s House of Commons, in line with predictions from most opinion polls, reported Reuters.

The Trudeau-led Liberal Party had called the snap election off the back of popular support for the government’s response to the pandemic, hoping to win an outright majority, but as opinion polls tightened closer to election day the Liberals ultimately campaigned to keep the Conservatives out.

While the Conservatives had positioned themselves as being against lockdowns and vaccine mandates, Mr Trudeau had called on Canadians to vote in a government that “follows science”.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole described vaccination as a personal health decision. Mr O’Toole also did not press for vaccination among the party’s candidates.

Since he first came to power in 2015, Mr Trudeau has embraced immigration even as countries like the US closed their doors to immigrants. Other policy landmarks include legalising cannabis, bringing in a carbon tax to fight climate change and fighting to preserve a free trade deal with the US and Mexico despite threats from former US president Donald Trump to call off the agreement.

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