Kamala Harris and DNC announce $25m voting rights campaign

Kamala Harris and DNC announce $25m voting rights campaign
DNC to promote ‘voter protection’ and ‘targeted voter registration’ in wake of nationwide GOP legislation to undermine ballot access

The Democratic National Committee will launch a $25m effort to promote voting rights and register more Americans to vote following a nationwide campaign among Republican lawmakers to restrict ballot access.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the DNC initiative during remarks at Howard University on 8 July, an effort that assembles “the largest voter protection team we’ve ever had to ensure all Americans can vote, and have your votes counted in a fair and transparent process,” she said.

It follows the introduction of nearly 400 bills filed in nearly every state that would make it more difficult to cast a ballot, or propose handing the administration of elections to GOP-dominated state legislatures.

In a statement, DNC chair Jamie Harrison said that “Republicans know that their policies are unpopular – and that the only way for them to hold on to power is to attack the constitutional right to vote, held by the people they swore to serve.”

The vice president, tapped by Joe Biden to lead his administration’s response on voting rights, stressed that the DNC plan is “about all voters – it doesn’t matter to us if you are a Democrat or not.”

“We want to help you vote, and we want to help make sure your vote is counted,” he said.

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