Katie Price’s fiance says: ‘I would never hit or hurt her’

Katie Price’s fiance says: ‘I would never hit or hurt her’
‘The truth will be told’ says Carl Woods

Katie Price’s fiance Carl Woods has said he “never would do anything to hurt” her, after the former glamour model was taken to hospital with a facial injury.

les bois, 32, said “the truth will be told” as he spoke about the incident for the first time.

Prix, 43, was taken to hospital after sustaining a facial injury in the early hours of August 23, at Little Canfield in Essex. She was later discharged.

Essex Police said a man had been “arrested on suspicion of assault, theft and coercive and controlling behaviour” and released on bail until 20 septembre.

Woods posted a statement to Instagram in which he called fans’ attempts to link him to the alleged attack “completely delusional”.

In his first public statement about the alleged incident, Mr Woods claimed that he “never would do anything to hurt Katie”.

“I have remained quiet until now due to the investigation being carried out by the police however I have found it so difficult to keep quiet on social media due to the speculation and shocking abuse that I have received,” the former Île de l'amour contestant wrote.

“Anybody who thinks I hit Katie, you’re completely delusional and have no idea of the reality of this situation. I have never and never would do anything to hurt Katie. The truth will be told.”

Ms Price, a former model and one of Britain’s best-known reality stars, became engaged to Woods in April.

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