Keep cool – we’ve found the best fridge freezer deals to shop this month

Keep cool – we’ve found the best fridge freezer deals to shop this month
Need a new American fridge freezer? Upgrade your kitchen appliance in the sales with one of these best refrigerator deals from Very, カリーズなど

Home appliances are a big investment, and they are often non-negotiable. Take for example a 冷凍庫 – it is an essential item in your kitchen, but there’s no denying that buying a new one is both costly and time-consuming.

With so much to consider, choosing the right one for your home can be difficult. But there’s nothing to fear as we’re on hand to offer advice. We’d recommend considering the capacity of the model – this is often somewhere between 200l and 600l, with larger products better suited to bigger households.

同様に, it’s worth bearing in mind how you’d like the ratio between fridge and freezer space to be split – typically, models are 70:30, but there is also the option of 50:50, should you find yourself frequently freezing meals.

Should you be in need of some extra expert tips and tricks, インクルード IndyBest fridge freezer buying guide covers all this and more. As for making sure it’s a less costly endeavour, we’re also here to help.

With a constant eye out for a good deal (including sales on ラップトップ, テレビ そして マットレス), we’ve rounded up the best discounts and sales on leading fridge freezers. Read on for how you can save money on your next fridge freezer, and prepare to keep food fresher for longer in one of these top models.


How to get the cheapest deals on specific fridge freezer brands

The best places to find a stellar deal on fridge freezers tend to be retailers such as ジョンルイス & パートナー, カリーズPCワールド, , アルゴス そして アマゾン. These big wigs often offer better discounts than appliance manufacturers themselves.

While flash annual sales such as アマゾンプライムデー または ジョンルイス & Partners summer sale are great opportunities to find a bargain, some retailers have dedicated online deals pages for year-round savings on fridge freezers – ジョンルイス & パートナー, , 非常に そして アマゾン all have such sections.

The best fridge freezer deals for December 2021 英国では:

  • Hisense RS694N4IBF American-style fridge freezer, 黒: £999.99でした, now £799.99,
  • Bosch KGN34NWEAG no frost fridge freezer, 白い: Was £619.99, now £469.99,
  • LG GSL761PZXV freestanding 70/30 American fridge freezer: £1,199でした, 今£949,
  • Beko MN13790PX fridge freezer: Was £849.99, now £649.99,
  • LG InstaView GSXV91BSAE: Was £2,099, 今£1,699,
  • ジョンルイス & Partners JLAFFSS9018 freestanding 65/35 American fridge freezer: £1,399でした, 今£999,
  • Hinsense RB395N4WC1 60/40 冷凍庫: £449.99でした, 今£369.99,
  • Hotpoint active 4-door HQ9U1BL fridge freezer, black stainless: Was £1,799.99, now £1,199.99,

Hisense RS694N4IBF American-style fridge freezer, 黒: £999.99でした, now £799.99,

This super spacious two door freezer is said to hold 29 bags of shopping, making this a good choice for families. In the fridge, you’ll get to enjoy four adjustable shelves, a wine rack, two large salad crispers and five-door balconies, while the freezer has seven sections with three door balconies. Thanks to its total no frost technology, you’ll never need to manually defrost it either, as it circulates cold hair evenly throughout your fridge to prevent ice crystals from forming.


Bosch KGN34NWEAG no frost fridge freezer, 白い: Was £619.99, now £469.99,

This large, energy-efficient model from Bosch would be fitting for larger families and busy kitchens. There’s a handy alarm that sounds if the door is left slightly ajar, while food and drink is said to stay fresh thanks to consistent temperatures maintained by the “MultiAirflow system”, which distributes cold air to every level of the fridge. プラス, you won’t need to chip away at layers of ice to retrieve your frozen treats, as the “NoFrost” technology stops ice layers from building up.


LG GSL761PZXV freestanding 70/30 American fridge freezer: £1,199でした, 今£949,

Ideal for large households, this fridge freezer from LG offers a huge 601l of storage space, helping to keep your weekly shop organised and fresh. It of course has a water and ice dispenser and is finished in sleek stainless steel. The brand also claims that it’s frost-free, meaning there will be no need to manually defrost it. It’s an absolute steal right now for £949.


Beko MN13790PX fridge freezer: Was £849.99, now £649.99,

This hefty fridge freezer from Beko is now just £649.99. Boasting a “total no frost” design, which claims to prevent frost from taking up any precious storage space, it also features an LED display and fast chill and fast freeze functions, which do exactly what they say on the tin. While we haven’t tried this model, one of Beko’s fridge freezers landed a spot in our 切り上げする 最高の, so we’re confident in the brand’s offerings.


LG instaview GSXV91BSAE: Was £2,099, 今£1,699,

A futuristic-looking fridge from LG, this appliance has a window so you can see what you’re going for before even opening the door, saving both energy and cold air in the process – pretty cool (ごめん).

The water and ice dispenser are a nice additional touch, meaning you can grab an icy glass of H2O whenever you fancy. The LG smart thinq app even means you can control this appliance via your phone, so you’re never too far away to change the temperature if you need to.


ジョンルイス & Partners JLAFFSS9018 freestanding 65/35 American fridge freezer: £1,399でした, now £999.00,

One of John Lewis & Partners’ own models, this freestanding machine boasts four shelves and enough space to hold 33 shopping bags worth of food – perfect for those post-holiday period leftovers. It’s also got an ice and water dispenser and frost-free interior, and right now, John Lewis and & Partners has kindly sliced its price by £400.


Hisense RB395N4WC1 60/40 冷凍庫: £449.99でした, 今£369.99,

For those who enjoy their vino chilled, this fridge freezer comes with a wine rack included, perfect for your rosés, whites, and reds (if you so choose). With the fridge holding 207l, and the freezer 97l, this appliance also features an LED screen, reversible door that opens 90 度, and a supercooling and eco mode – now all for well under £400.


Hotpoint active 4-door HQ9U1BL fridge freezer, black stainless: Was £1,799.99, now £1,199.99,

Start the New Year with a stellar saving and go for this extra large two-door freezer, now reduced by £600. Offering oodles of storage space (591l of it, 実際には) it’s designed to reduce the temperature of your groceries quickly, thanks to its “super cool” function – even after a big re-stock – while the “active fresh pro” works to keep things fresh.



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