Kell Brook explains why he changed gloves in ring moments before Amir Khan fight

Kell Brook explains why he changed gloves in ring moments before Amir Khan fight
The Sheffield fighter claimed bragging rights over the former Olympic medalist in an engrossing six-round fight

Kell Brook has opened up on why he was forced to change his gloves in the ring before his stoppage win over Amir Khan.

Brook put on a vicious display to punish Khan over six rounds before the referee stepped in to save the Bolton fighter.

The bitter rivalry has been simmering for more than a decade and took one final twist before the first bell when Brook was seen changing his gloves inside the Manchester ring.

Brook has revealed how Khan’s team made a threat to him over his purse for the fight if he refused to swap out his gloves, while also making claims of dirty tactics to unsettle him in the final days and hours before the fight.

“I told you, they finally got to see it, it was a matter of time before I got him out of there. What a turnout. They’re the fights I wanted to be part of growing up. I’m back on top now. I took Khan out just like I said I would.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself. It’s a boxing fight, I believed it, I was a better fighter than him. H had the promotion. I’ve always known that. The fans saw a mega fight.

“The timing was still there. We did all the demands. I had to put different gloves on in the ring. He said he wasn’t happy with my gloves.

“They said they wouldn’t pay me unless I put those gloves on. I did all I had to do and I still took him apart. They did it all week, they pushed and poked at me, trying to get in my head.

“I even had somebody knocking on my door at 3am to disrupt my sleep. I’ve always had respect for him, but when I don’t get it back, it’s hard to like somebody back. For taking those shots and staying in there, it came naturally from me. He took some good shots, he’s a nice guy, we said we can get a coffee together after.

“I can walk away, Eubank, we can fight Eubank, I don’t like him, if the millions are right, I’ll fight. I have three beautiful daughters who want that money off me. I’m an iron fighter.”

Meanwhile, Chris Eubank Jr has called out Kell Brook and admitted he could come down to 158 pounds to make the fight happen.

“I don’t see why I should come down, he fought Golovkin at 160 pounds,” Eubank Jr said on Sky Sports Box Office. “Maybe 158, maybe. Everybody knows the names, they’re only going to tune into those fights, regardless of those belts.

“You’ll get the hardcore fans interested and those outside. It’s not a random callout. We don’t like each other. If we have a chance to settle this, let’s see. I’m still a young gun, I’m 32 years old, I won’t retire until I’m at least 38.”