Kidnapped 2-year-old boy found by police with head shaved

Kidnapped 2-year-old boy found by police with head shaved
FBI and state police were called-in to find abducted toddler

A 2-year-old boy in Virginia was found safe with a shaved head following a kidnapping from a church’s nursery.

Noah Gabriel Trout, according to authorities, was abducted from Riverview Baptist Church in Ripplemead, Virginia, on Sunday, and was found the following day in a trailer roughly 70 miles away.

Investigators were able to find the 2-year-old in a trailer belonging to alleged kidnapper Nancy Renee Fridley, aged 44, with assistance from the local branch of the FBI and Virginia state police.

The sheriff’s office in Giles County said on Monday afternoon that Noah was found in part thanks to CCTV footage in the area, and a sighting of the 2-year-old, before the storming of the trailer.

Ms Fridley was afterwards arrested and charged with abduction and of endangering a child, along with her boyfriend — who is also facing charges for the abduction of a child.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s office released further details, and said Ms Fridley was not familiar with Noah or the child’s family.

Police said the incident was believed to be that of “a stranger abduction and Noah being chosen by Fridley at random.”

The 44-year-old, of Clifton Forge, Virginia, was in the area of Ripplemead before the alleged kidnapping from the Riverview Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.

She also visited two other Giles County churches on the morning of Noah’s kidnapping, and again four weeks ago, according to authorities.

Noah’s family told ABC 13 that while Noah was found with his head shaved, 2 two-year-old is unharmed and is recovering at home.

Investigations into Ms Fridley are continuing, with Giles County chief deputy Scott Moye saying the force is “going back retroactively looking at things that happened before”.

The chief deputy also thanked sheriff’s deputies, the FBI and the Virginia state police for assisting in the search for Noah.