Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen DeGeneres after she assumes son’s chain is ‘fake’

Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen DeGeneres after she assumes son’s chain is ‘fake’
‘Like Kimberly would let her children outside with a fake chain,’ one person tweeted

Kim Kardashian has amused fans by correcting Ellen DeGeneres after the talk-show host assumed a gold chain worn by the reality star’s two-year-old son Psalm West was “fake”.

Jeudi, les Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sat down for an interview with DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, during which they discussed the Skims founder’s four children, who she shares with estranged husband Kanye West, and how they are “so different”.

When the conversation turned to Kardashian’s youngest child, Psalm, DeGeneres identified him as the one who was pictured on the reality star’s Instagram wearing a thick gold chain around his neck.

“And Psalm is the one that was wearing the giant chain around his neck? Is that Psalm?” DeGeneres asked as a photo of the two-year-old wearing the heavy linked chain appeared on screen. "Oh mon Dieu, he wears this fake giant chain…”

The comment prompted Kardashian to interject, with the mother-of-four replying: “Wait, did you say fake?” to laughter from the crowd and DeGeneres.

D'abord, DeGeneres appeared not to know whether Kardashian was kidding, with the talk-show host looking confused before stating: “It’s fake,” to which the KKW Beauty founder insisted: "Ce n'est pas!"

"Ce n'est pas?!” DeGeneres continued, prompting Kardashian to again confirm that the gold chain worn by her youngest child was indeed real, to which the talk-show host responded: "Oh mon Dieu, it’s huge!"

The host then asked a laughing Kardashian how the two-year-old can “keep his head up” while wearing the heavy chain, which she compared to a “wrestler’s belt”.

“It’s not fake?” DeGeneres asked a final time, with Kardashian appearing amused as she responded: “It’s not.”

The exchange, which ended with the talk-show host explaining that she had “just assumed” the necklace was fake because the chain was “so huge,” concluded with Kardashian adding: "Oui, no.”

The interaction has since gone viral on social media, where viewers have expressed their amusement over Kardashian’s correction.

“I’m sorry but Kim K checking Ellen about Psalm’s chain is tickling me," une personne a tweeté, while another clip of the video shared to Twitter, qui a été vue plus d'1 million de fois, était sous-titré: “It’s the way she corrected Ellen immediately for me.”

Others questioned why DeGeneres wouldn’t have assumed that the chain was real, comme Kardashian et West are both billionaires, with someone else tweeting: “Did Ellen really think the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be wearing a fake chain?"

Ailleurs dans l'interview, Kardashian revealed other amusing details about her children, including that her and West’s daughter North still wants to be an only child, despite having three younger siblings.

“North, I thought she was gonna grow out of this like: ‘I want to be an only child’ phase,” Kardashian revealed. “She hasn’t. It’s a struggle even to go to school. There’ll be times when she’s like, ‘I’m not riding in the car with my brother.’

“So morning drop-off has to be a fun thing, and luckily, so many of our friends and cousins, they all live in the same neighbourhood, so I’m the carpool mom.”

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