Know a craft beer connoisseur? Pre-order Beer Hawk’s advent calendar now

Know a craft beer connoisseur? Pre-order Beer Hawk’s advent calendar now
From craft IPAs to smooth dark beers, count down to Christmas with Beer Hawk’s boozy advent calendar – here’s how to pre-order it

With summer drawing to a close, it’s time to get excited for Christmas, and there’s no better way to kick off the countdown than with an advent calendar full of festive treats.

Whether you’re a cosmetics fiend, have a Lego fan in the house or are after a calendar dedicated to the US sitcom Die kantoor, there’s plenty of choice this Christmas. Sover, we’ve had a peek at Asos’s beauty goody bag, were indulged with Fortnum & Mason’s range of calendars, and found ourselves impressed by The Body Shop’s more eco-conscious box of beauty and skincare treats.

Now there’s good news for booze enthusiasts as Beer Hawk has unveiled its “Beery” Christmas advent calendar to help you toast to the start of the festive period.

You can enjoy 25 new beers from some of the best breweries in the world, from Mikkeller and Omnipollo to Thornbridge, Tiny Rebel and Basqueland. All the booze is exclusive to the calendar with the aim of expanding the drinker’s horizons – meaning you won’t find them on any supermarket shelves.

With limited stock this year, and it being an instant sell-out hit last year, we predict much of the same for 2021, so make sure you grab yours quickly. Priced at £85 but available for pre-order at the moment, early birds can save £10 on Beer Hawk’s festive offering right now. We’ll cheers to that!

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Beer Hawk advent calendar: £75,

Each day you’ll be treated to a brand new beer brewed exclusively for Beer Hawk’s calendar, meaning you’ll discover new bevs by makers from 14 lande, including France, Swede, Spanje, the US, Estland, New Zealand and the UK.

From light blondes and well-hopped ambers to smooth dark beers and IPAs, brewers including Tiny Rebel and Vocation will help you count down the days until Christmas.

Try an east coast pale ale from Mikkeller and enjoy flavours of peach, fruit and bubblegum with a dry grapefruit finish, or sip a deus vivant from the Bosteels brewery in Belgium and enjoy its lively sparkling wine feel.

Hierdie jaar, the calendar has been designed by the artist Marie Gosselin, who created all the portraits of the brewers and a fun treasure hunt.

Hierdie jaar, Beer Hawk has also introduced a dedicated mini-website that’s accessible via a QR code on the calendar. This allows you to embark on a virtual visit to the brewers, with tasting notes, explanations of beer styles as well as the brewer’s stories and anecdotes to engage with.

Pre-order the calendar for £75 right now with the added treat of free delivery, before it goes on sale for £85 closer to Christmas time.

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