Kourtney Kardashian et Travis Barker critiqués pour leur PDA « embarrassant » au mariage

Kourtney Kardashian et Travis Barker critiqués pour leur PDA « embarrassant » au mariage
‘This is so cringe,’ one person writes on Twitter of couple’s PDA

Kourtney Kardashian et Travis Barker are facing criticism after engaging in a public display of affection during a friend’s mariage, days after Kendall Jenner sparked backlash with a cut-out wedding guest dress.

Pendant le weekend, the newly engaged couple attended the wedding of their friend Simon Huck, avec le Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posting numerous photos of herself and Barker from the night.

“Going to the chapel @simonhuck @piptherip,” Kardashian captioned the Photos, which see her dressed in a long black gown with a long-sleeve detail.

On her Instagram Stories, the Poosh founder also shared additional moments from the nuptials, including reposting a video which shows her straddling Barker during the wedding reception.

Dans la vidéo, posted by Derek Blasberg, and captioned: “Oh yeah happy birthday @travisbarker,” Kardashian can be seen sitting face-to-face on her fiancé’s lap and dancing as wedding guests look on.

During the public display of their affection, which took place as Barker’s band Blink-182’s single All the Small Things played, Kardashian was also filmed leaning in to kiss the drummer.

Videos of the interaction have since circulated on social media, where fans have questioned whether the couple’s behaviour was appropriate for a wedding.

“Why is this so awkward to watch? In a room full of people (including her mum) at a wedding. All for love but keep the dry-humping behind closed doors Kourtney and Travis," une personne a tweeté.

Une autre personne a dit: “Was Kourtney Kardashian riding Travis Barker to All The Small Things in the middle of a wedding reception or I’m seeing things? Lmao”

Quelqu'un d'autre a ajouté: “I’m sorry but ma’am save that sh*t for when you guys go home.”

Others suggested that the couple’s “embarrassing” display of affection was worse than Kardashian’s sister Jenner’s recent faux pas, which saw the supermodel wearing a cut-out black dress to a friend’s wedding.

“Y’all talking about Kendall Jenner wearing an inappropriate dress to a wedding, imagine someone doing this at your wedding. Kourtney and Travis I love u but pls,” another person wrote.

While many fans were critical of the wedding guest behaviour, others defended the couple, with one person writing: “Absolutely love how they show PDA so unabashedly,” while another said: “I love how confident [et] free she’s become with Travis, she’s doing whatever she wants, not worrying about what anyone thinks now. I want what they have. TRULY.”

Le couple, who became engaged last month after 10 months of dating, are known for their public displays of affection, with the pair frequently photographed in each other’s arms.

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