KSIはBBCにReadingを削除するように依頼します & iPlayerからのリーズのパフォーマンス

KSIはBBCにReadingを削除するように依頼します & iPlayerからのリーズのパフォーマンス
‘Why did @BBC add so much autotune to my performance lol?’

KSI has asked the BBC to remove his recent 読書 そして リーズ festival set from iPlayer, claiming the footage has been altered from the live event.

The YouTuber-turned-rapper juxtaposed two clips of his performance on social media: one from an unofficial recording taken at the event, and another from the BBC broadcast.

KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, claimed that Auto-Tune technology had been used on his voice for the BBC’s broadcast, though stressed that he believed it was a “genuine mistake”.

“Why did @BBC add so much autotune to my performance lol?” asked the artist on Twitter, before sharing the comparison video.

“As you can see, the live version and the BBC version are so different," 彼が書きました. “I’m sure this was a genuine mistake but we have had it taken down from YouTube and iPlayer so we can get the original version reuploaded for you all to enjoy! Thanks again for the best weekend 読書 & リーズ.」

独立者 コメントのためにBBCに連絡しました.

KSI first found fame as a YouTube personality, becoming known for his gaming commentary videos focused on the FIFA football simulation series.

He has subsequently released two studio albums – the second of which, あらゆる所に, いいえに達しました 1 in the UK charts earlier this year. He has also enjoyed a boxing career, which has included high-profile bouts against YouTuber Logan Paul.


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