Kushner says he stopped Trump from attacking Murdoch – follow live

Kushner says he stopped Trump from attacking Murdoch – follow live
Kushner’s new memoir comes as the DoJ prepares to try and force former White House aides and officials to testify in Jan 6 探测



9/11 families launch ad criticising Trump for hosting Saudi golf tournament

Jared Kushner says he intervened in 2015 to stop 唐纳德·特朗普 from publicly attacking media mogul Rupert Murdoch, in a development that could have had major consequences for Fox News’ coverage of his 2016 活动.

In his new memoir Breaking History, Kushner writes about how Mr Trump was upset with Mr Murdoch for his criticism at the outset of the former’s foray into politics.

Mr Trump is in hot water for hosting the contentious LIV Golf series at his resort in Bedminster, 新泽西州. Both he and his son Eric joined a pro-am round there on Thursday.

And in an interview broadcast on Sunday, Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers spoke out against Trumpism after the former president called him a “RINO coward” during a rally in the state.

“They rule by thuggery and intimidation. So you know, they found a niche, they found a way and it’s fear, and people can use fear, demagogues like to use fear as a weapon. And they weaponise everything, and we all know it. But that’s not leadership to me to use thuggery”, Mr Bowers told ABC News.


Manchin declines to say if he wants Dems to retain control

西弗吉尼亚 它的. 乔曼钦, one of the Democrats’ most conservative and contrarian members, declined on Sunday to say whether he wants Democrats to retain control of 国会 after the November elections.

The senator told 美国全国广播公司‘s “Meet the Press” that will be determined by the choices of voters in individual states, rather than his own preferences. He added that people “are sick and tired of politics” and want their representatives in Washington to put country over party.

“I’ve always taken the approach, whoever you send me, that’s your representative and I respect them and I respect the state for the people they send and I give it my best to work with them and do the best for my country,” Manchin said.

Manchin faces reelection in 2024 in a state where Donald Trump prevailed in every county in the past two presidential races, winning more than two-thirds of West Virginia’s voters. But in distancing himself from fellow Democrats, Manchin also tried to decry the rise of partisanship.

“We’re not working for any party. We’re not working for any political idealism,“ 他说, bemoaning “bickering over political outcomes and who’s going to be in charge of what” at a time of global tensions, war and economic uncertainty fueled by rising inflation.



Joe Manchin evades question about whether he’ll support Joe Biden in 2024

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin dodged a question from CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday regarding whether he’d throw his support behind Joe Biden should the president go through with plans to run for reelection in 2024.

The senator was asked whether Mr Biden would have his endorsement by Mr Tapper in response to new polling showing the president’s approval rating lower than ever among his own party and with record-low support for a potential reelection bid.

Mr Manchin responded by decrying the Washington media’s constant focus on the next election cycle, while touting his partnership with the president and at the same time very carefully avoiding making any statements about 2024.

“Jake, I’m not getting involved in any election right now, 2022, 2024, I’m not speculating on it. President Biden is my president right now, I’m going to work with him and his administration to the best of my ability to help the people in my state of West Virginia and this country,“ 他说.

His non-response would not be notable were it not for the public call from one of his Democratic colleagues in the House just a few days ago for Mr Biden to step down and let another Democrat head the party’s presidential ticket in 2024.

Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota this week became the first member of Mr Biden’s party on Capitol Hill to publicly join the calls for “generational” change in the party, a shot at the geriatric leadership of the Democrats in the House, 参议院, and White House.




一个罕见的民主党人 共和党人 状态, 我们. 代表. 莎丽丝戴维斯 堪萨斯州是今年寻求连任的最脆弱的现任者之一. 在她的国会竞选活动的最后几个月, she is focusing on Republicans’ strict opposition to abortion rights.

她上周发布的一则在线广告突出了阿曼达·阿德金斯如何, 共和党人倾向于从周二的初选中脱颖而出,在 11 月与大卫复赛, 无一例外地反对堕胎. The ad points to Adkins’ support of an amendment to the Kansas Constitution on the ballot Tuesday that would make clear there is no right to abortion in the states.

“很多人不会知道我有一个在这个问题上极端的对手,” 戴维斯, 谁击败了阿德金斯 2020, 在采访中说. “这不再是假设了。”

这表明最高法院在 6 月决定废除妇女的联邦宪法堕胎权,这已经扰乱了进入秋季选举的政治动态, 当国会的控制权受到威胁时. 六名最脆弱的众议院成员——都是女性, 所有人都代表了郊区选民——将这个问题视为可以帮助他们在原本艰难的政治气候中获胜的问题.

除了戴维斯, 这些现任者包括代表. 明尼苏达州的安吉·克雷格, 辛迪·艾克斯 爱荷华州, 艾丽莎·斯洛特金 密歇根州, 弗吉尼亚的阿比盖尔·斯潘伯格和伊莱恩·卢里亚, 和宾夕法尼亚州的苏珊维尔德斯. 他们都面对支持高等法院堕胎裁决的共和党反对者. 有些人正在与支持在任何情况下禁止堕胎的竞争对手竞争, 包括当母亲的生命处于危险之中时.



Nancy Pelosi’s itinerary for Asia visit released – and there’s no mention of Taiwan

US House of Representatives speaker 南希佩洛西 announced her itinerary for a trip to 亚洲 on Sunday but made no mention of a controversial reported plan to visit 台湾.

在一份声明中, Ms Pelosi said she will be leading a congressional delegation to Singapore, 马来西亚, South Korea and Japan this week to discuss trade, 这 冠状病毒病-19 大流行病, 气候变化, security and “democratic governance”.

上个星期, 这 金融时报 reported that Ms Pelosi planned to visit Taiwan in the next month. She was originally scheduled to visit in April but had to postpone after testing positive for Covid.

总统 乔拜登 has said that her to Taiwan visit might not be a “good idea.”



它的. 沃诺克引用“两党合作”,’ 在佐治亚州避开拜登

Democrats in Georgia predict dire outcomes should Sen. 拉斐尔·沃诺克 lose to challenger 赫歇尔·沃克 this fall and 共和党人 regain control of Capitol Hill.

“They’re going to take away our democratic rights one after another,” longtime state lawmaker Nan Orrock warned partisans at a birthday party for the senator, 谁转身 53 在七月 23. “Failure,“ 她说, “is not an option.”

Warnock took a different tack.

“I work with anybody to get something good done for the people of Georgia,” he told the same crowd, highlighting a trio of Republican senators with whom he has made legislative deals. Warnock mentioned President 乔拜登‘s name just once and referred several other times only to “the president of the United States,” trying to distinguish himself from Biden — and the rising inflation that has marked his term.

Running for his first full Senate term, Warnock is pitching himself as a senator willing to do whatever it takes to help his state. That’s a shift from his approach in what were nationally elevated twin runoff campaigns won by Warnock and fellow Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff in January 2021, giving their party Senate control two months after Biden was elected president.



Jon Stewart schools Ted Cruz after senator votes against burn pits bill

Jon Stewart has been blasting 共和党人 for blocking a bill that would aid veterans exposed to burn pits in 阿富汗伊拉克.

前者 Daily Show host has appeared on Fox News and Newsmax to speak to right-wing audiences to slam GOP senators for what he says is “a disgrace”.

Texas Senator 泰德·克鲁斯 accused Mr Stewart of misrepresenting the bill, saying that Democrats were attempting a “budgetary trick” in the PACT Act. Mr Cruz voted against the bill despite having said he support its and having said he supports veterans.

“What Ted Cruz is describing is inaccurate, not true, bulls***t”, Mr Stewart said in a video posted on Twitter, mocking Mr Cruz for saying that the Democrats put “discretionary” funds in the legislation that they made “mandatory”.

Mr Cruz was speaking about a budget disagreement initially objected to by retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey. The Pennsylvanian claimed that the legislation would mean that $400bn in already decided spending on veterans wouldn’t be controlled by annual congressional appropriations.



Trump slams suggested US prisoner swap with Russia

Donald Trump blasted the proposed prisoner swap between the US and Russia, involving Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan, and Russian weapons dealer Viktor Bout, who’s known as the “Merchant of Death”.

Mr Trump appeared on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show 星期六.

Ms Griner has been in jail in Russia for months and is now on trial on drug charges.

“She knew you don’t go in there loaded up with drugs, and she admitted it”, Mr Trump said.

“It certainly doesn’t seem like a very good trade, does it?“ 他加了, concerning Bout. “He’s absolutely one of the worst in the world, and he’s going to be given his freedom because a potentially spoiled person goes into Russia loaded up with drugs.”

Concerning Russian laws, 他说: “They don’t like drugs. And she got caught. And now, we’re supposed to get her out — and she makes, 你懂, a lot of money, I guess. We’re supposed to get her out for an absolute killer and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. Killed many Americans. Killed many people.”


Paul Manafort claims that Michael Cohen spied on the 2016 Trump campaign

Paul Manafort has claimed that Michael Cohen spied on the 2016 Trump campaign.

The former chairman of the Trump campaign and a convicted felon writes in his upcoming book Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted but Not Silenced that the former Trump lawyer and fixer put himself in charge of the campaign’s server to gain status.

Manafort alleges that Cohen got access to all emails sent by staffers on the campaign, 根据 Vox.

“He had access to everybody’s communications. He had knowledge and he would be sitting in his office, gaining knowledge by virtue of spying on the campaign”, Manafort writes.

In a statement to the outlet, Cohen rejected the claims.

这表明了对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)入侵该国较小且军事较弱的邻国的强烈反对,但并非完全反对, Manafort is distorting the truth. I requested administrative access to only Corey Lewandowski’s campaign email address after he was terminated. The purpose was to prove to Trump that it was Corey who was leaking negative information on Jared and Ivanka to the press. The information was located and turned over to Donald”, 他说.


Trump blasts Verizon for dropping far-right One America News Network


‘Completely ridiculous’: Family member of 9/11 victim hits out at Trump comments

The son of one of the victims of the 9/11 attack has said that statements made by Donald Trump as he hosted the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf event at his country club in New Jersey are “completely ridiculous”.

In an interview on MSNBC with presenter Katie Phang, Mathew Bocchi – who lost his father in the attack on the World Trade Center said: “But the reality is as much as his statements are completely ridiculous…we’re obviously all hurt by them.”