Kyle Rittenhouse forced to walk back claim he’s going to Texas A&M

Kyle Rittenhouse forced to walk back claim he’s going to Texas A&M
‘The end of my high school career was robbed from me,’ Rittenhouse tweeted

Kyle Rittenhouse has walked back his claim that he’s going to Texas A&M after the university denied that he’s enrolled there.

Mr Rittenhouse appeared on an episode of The Charlie Kirk Show podcast released on Saturday, saying that it was “going to be awesome” to attend Texas A&M.

But a representative for the university then told several media outlets that Mr Rittenhouse wasn’t enrolled for the upcoming semesters in the fall and summer.

The representative told Insider that because of legal restrictions, they couldn’t reveal if Mr Rittenhouse had applied to the school or if he had been accepted to attend later semesters or if the school would consider accepting Mr Rittenhouse in the future.

Mr Rittenhouse then took to Twitter to announce that he would be attending Blinn College, saying he had been “robbed” of his high school studies and that he would go to the community college as a “feeder school” for Texas A&M.

A representative for Blinn College told Insider that Mr Rittenhouse had applied to study there, but that he wasn’t enrolled in any classes.

Mr Rittenhouse shot three people, two fatally, during a racial justice protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020. He argued in court that he acted in self-defence and was acquitted by a jury on five charges, one of which was first-degree homicide.

“Unfortunately, the end of my high school career was robbed from me,” Mr Rittenhouse wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t have the time other students get to properly prepare for the future. I look forward to attending Blinn College District this year, a feeder school for Texas A&M. I’m excited to join Texas A&M in 2023!”

Blinn College has five campuses in Texas and is an open-enrollment school – meaning that all students are accepted. Mr Rittenhouse said he would move to Texas at the end of this month.

The Texas A&M website includes Blinn College in its list of transfer options.

In 2020, Blinn College wrote on its site that “Blinn’s 42-hour core curriculum transfers to any public college or university in Texas. Fifty-three percent of Blinn transfer students continue their studies at Texas A&M University”.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News on Monday, Mr Rittenhouse said, “We’re going to make the media pay for what they did to me. They made it hard for me to live a normal life”.

“It’s hard for me to go anywhere without security … I’m afraid I’ll never be able to work or get a job because an employer may not hire me,” he added.