Lady Gaga defended by man who got shot while protecting her dogs during abduction

Lady Gaga defended by man who got shot while protecting her dogs during abduction
He previously said he felt ‘abandoned and unsupported’ following near-death experience

Hollywood dogwalker Ryan Fischer has defended lady Gaga after he was shot while protecting her dogs.

Fischer was rushed to hospital in February after robbers hit, gagged and shot him while abducting two of the singer’s bulldogs that he was walking in West Hollywood.

Op daardie stadium, Gaga praised Fischer for risking his life and fighting for her familie. “You’re forever a hero,” she wrote in a tweet. She also offered a reward of $500,000 (£360,360) for the dogs’ safe return.

Sedertdien, the dogs – Koji and Gustav – have been returned to Gaga. Three men –James Jackson, Jaylin White, and Lafayette Whaley – have also been arrested for kidnap and attempted murder.

Op daardie stadium, Fischer said he felt “abandoned and unsupported” following the incident and set up a GoFundMe page explaining that he has been on a road trip in America for two months in a bid to heal the mental and physical trauma he was left with.

Egter, he has now told CBS’ Gayle King that Lady Gaga “has been a friend” and “helped” him “so much”.

“After I was attacked, my family was flown out, and I had trauma therapists flown to me," hy het gesê, toevoeging: “And I stayed at her house for months while friends comforted me and security was around me.”

Lady Gaga ‘has been a friend’ to Hollywood dogwalker Ryan Fischer since he got shot

Fischer continued: “LG’s very supportive of my journey right now.”

Recalling the near-death experience, he told King: “I was scared. I was in pain.”

Fischer has been left with a scar from the bullet that went through his body and pierced his lung, which he had parts of removed..

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