Laser quest: We tried the Tria hair removal laser 4X for three months

Laser quest: We tried the Tria hair removal laser 4X for three months
Everything you need to know about the Tria hair removal laser 4X and the results it can give, from how much hair regrows to how painless it really is

Laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular at-home option, with lots of devices now on the market which target the hair’s pigment – the melanin – in your follicles.

The beam is converted to heat as it touches the skin, where it is then absorbed by the melanin. This heat damages the follicle at the root and over time, hair regrowth will dwindle and you’ll need fewer treatments.

Why are they so popular? Well, for starters, laser offers long-term hair-free results in a way that waxing and shaving cannot.

They do, however, require an ongoing commitment, as you often need to use a laser device over a period of 12 weeks to really see results, though this may vary slightly depending on the machine.

How we tested

We’ve been putting the Tria hair removal laser 4X through its paces over the past few months to see if it’s a device worth investing in. It doesn’t come cheap, retailing for almost £300, but that’s still cheaper than visiting a clinic for laser hair-removal services, so we were keen to see what results we’d achieve.

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When using any laser machine, make sure your skin is fully prepped and silky smooth to get the most out of each treatment. For convenience’s sake, we found it easiest to carry out treatments after a shower, having shaved with our regular Flamingo razor (£8,

Tria hair removal laser 4X

Buy now £299,

This cordless device arrives ready for use – setup took less than 30 seconds. In the box you’ll receive the machine, a battery charger and a detailed instruction booklet.

This particular model is safe for use on naturally light brown to black body hair and can treat legs, arms, the bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chest, back, stomach, and facial hair (from the cheek line downwards).

Simply press the pink button on the head to turn on and hold the skin sensor – the red light at the base of the machine – on the area you want to treat, where it will emit a series of beeps. Once it’s beeped twice, it’s ready to go. When not in use, it will lock itself automatically.

There are five intensity settings displayed on the LED screen, which can be adjusted by pressing the same pink button. To use, the laser head needs to be placed across the skin in overlapping circles.

The laser head is very small, so patience is required to treat larger areas, like the legs. You will need to be diligent, otherwise you may have varying hair regrowth.

Tria recommends using it with its calm soothing gel (£49.99, – it doesn’t come included, which is a shame considering it’s a device that costs £300.

It bleeps but doesn’t flash every time it treats an area of skin, and the better positioned it is, the more frequently you’ll hear it. It also makes another sound if it’s not placed on the skin flat enough, so you know when you’re doing it incorrectly.

This did extend how long it took to treat, as it seems the device is quite sensitive and doesn’t allow for a gliding motion, so you will need to set aside plenty of time for treatments.

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We began on level three, which gives a slightly hot sensation. But by level five, there’s more of a sting, akin to being pinched, which was not enjoyable but still less painful than waxing.

The LED display also shows a counter that tallies up each time you’ve stamped an area. It’s recommended that you use the highest intensity setting that’s comfortable for you, so we mainly treated our skin on level three.

On a full charge, which takes roughly two hours, the device lasts for 30 minutes, which was more than enough for us to do our legs and underarms, but it’s still one of the most time-consuming hair-removal devices we’ve tried.

The verdict: Tria hair removal laser 4X

After the sixth week of using the Tria hair removal laser 4X, we began to see a difference in hair regrowth, with strands becoming thinner and sparser.

The laser head is very small, however, meaning treating legs and underarms takes longer than with the other hair-removal devices we’ve tried – although the little size does come in handy when tackling upper-lip hair.

It’s definitely an investment tool that you need to be patient with. The pinching sensation can get quite intense when used on the highest setting too, and to get through treating larger areas, we often found ourselves grimacing. We did, however, get results.

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