Lauren Boebert’s own campaign gets her state wrong

Lauren Boebert’s own campaign gets her state wrong
The Representative’s state was listed as Utah not Colorado, in a recent filing

Republican US Rep Lauren Boebert’s campaign incorrectly stated she is a representative of 犹他州 不是 科罗拉多州 in a report submitted with the Federal Election Commission 星期四.

In an amended filing, submitted on Thursday, Boebert’s was listed as being hailing from the neighbouring western state.

Forbes reached out to Ms Boebert’s team when it noticed the error. “Thanks for reaching out,” said spokesperson Jake Settle to the news organisation, “I flagged this for our team!”

Ms Boebert assumed office in January 2021. She formerly worked on maintaining pipelines and pumping stations. She obtained her GED diploma a few months before getting elected to the US House of Representatives.

She is a vocal gun-rights activist, and owns a restaurant in Rifle, 科罗拉多州, named Shooters Grill, which is famous for its armed waitresses – who serve patrons while open carrying fully loaded firearms. Slogans at the restaurant includeI got loaded at Shooters Grilland menu items include theRicochetburger andBullseyeomelette.

The Rifle resident became an advocate for firearms after an altercation took place in her back alley. Itended with a man losing his life,” she told Barcroft TV. “I looked into getting a concealed weapons permit so I could carry. I learned in Colorado you do not need a concealed weapon permit, you can open carry.The idea for her restaurant ensued.

The GOP has been ridiculed a number of times for embarrassing blunders. In March, it made a spelling mistake in a complaint about school closures on its official Twitter account.

“Keeping schools closed has DEVESTATING effects on the mental health, social and economic situation and academic achievement of America’s children,” read the now-deleted tweet.

“The science is in – schools can safely re-open!”

当然, it spelt “devastating” wrong, prompting social media users to tell them togo back to school”.

Other republican errors include President Trump in 2017 saying hemet with the president of the Virgin Islandsto discuss the devastation caused by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. 他是, 当然, the president of the US Virgin Islands, so couldn’t have had a meeting with “the president” there.


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