Lawsuit accusing Marilyn Manson of sexual assault gets dismissed

Lawsuit accusing Marilyn Manson of sexual assault gets dismissed
Judge stated that woman’s claims were not sufficient to overcome statute of limitations

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit from a woman identified as Jane Doe who accused マリリンマンソンsexually abusing her as well as threatening her life.

Judge Gregory Keosian dismissed the lawsuit because the woman’s claims of “delayed discovery”, or having repressed memories, was not sufficient to overcome the statute of limitations, according to legal documents cited by TMZ.

The woman has 20 days to provide new details and file a new complaint for further consideration.

She accused the 52-year-old singer of rape and “further degrading acts” of exploitation and abuse and was the latest woman to come forward with accusations against Manson, who has faced multiple assault allegations after his former partner, 俳優 エヴァンレイチェルウッド, named him as her alleged abuser in February.

ファイル: Marilyn Manson allegedly showed Jane Doe a gruesome video tape he said he filmed in 1996

マンソン, whose real name is Brian Warner, has denied all accusations.

独立者 has contacted a representative of Manson’s for comment.

The woman alleged that during her relationship with Manson, he showed her a graphic video tape, which the singer said he filmed in 1996 after a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Doe said the video left her scared for her own life. A source close to the singer, しかしながら, claimed the video was “a scripted short film to be used for a future project that was never officially released," によると TMZ.

She also accused Manson of raping her when she went to return a key to his home in 2011. After the alleged rape, the woman claimed he threatened to kill her and was told by him that he would “get away with it” if he did.

ファイル: Actor Evan Rachel Wood and musician Marilyn Manson

In addition to the lawsuit from Doe, 俳優 Esmé Bianco also sued Manson and his former manager Tony Ciulla.

Her complaint alleged that Manson, Ciulla and Ciulla’s management company violated human trafficking laws by bringing her from London to Los Angeles under the assumption that she would be acting in a music video that never came out and a film that was never produced.

In the wake of the allegations from multiple women, Manson has been dropped from his record label Loma Vista. His booking agent CAA and longtime manager Ciulla also announced they had severed ties with him.

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