LeBron James filmed challenging official at son’s basketball game

LeBron James filmed challenging official at son’s basketball game
Court-side announcer suggested NBA star’s son got the benefit of a call because he was playing in arena named after his father

NBA superstar LeBron James called out an announcer at his son Bronny’s basketball game for suggesting the young basketball player was given a foul because he was competing in an arena named after his father.

The LA Lakers star was sitting in the stands at his son’s game, part of a three-day event called “The Battle: Summer Showcase,” which features exceptional Midwest teams and high school basketball players who may have futures in the NBA.

The game was being played at James’ alma mater, St Vincent-St Mary high school in Akron, Ohio. The arena where the game was played is called the LeBron James Arena, and is where James rose to fame in his high school days.

The incident occurred when James overheard a court-side announcer suggest that his son was given a foul because he was playing in an arena named after his father.

James took exception to the comment, walking onto the court to voice his displeasure with the announcer.

The NBA star then returned to his seat after making his complaint known.

James’ confrontation did not appear especially volatile, and may have been justified. Court-side announcers do not generally offer opinions on calls or other elements on the game. They generally just call out plays.

Neither James or the announcer have released any statements concerning the incident.

It’s been a tough week for James, as his longtime PR manager, Adam Mendelsohn, apologised for making controversial comments regarding Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement in a leaked phone call.

The comments were revealed by The New York Times.

Mr Mendelsohn, who is white, told an ESPN reporter “I’m exhausted. Between Me Too and Black Lives Matter, I got nothing left.”

The PR agent apologised for his comments, saying he needed to be a “better ally”.


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