Liberty and Jake break up and leave the Love Island villa

Liberty and Jake break up and leave the Love Island villa
Islanders were the only original couple left in the competition

Love Island 2021 stars Jake and Liberty have made the decision to quit the show after their relationship broke down.

The contestants were the only original couple to have formed at the beginning of this year’s series, and had previously been considered favourites to win.

In the episode that aired on Friday (20 August), Liberty received a text that read: “Liberty and Jake. Please get ready to leave the villa for your final date. #makeorbreak.”

The pair chose to go on the date, which involved a trip on a yacht, where they admitted to each other that the “spark just faded”.

“On my behalf I felt the affection died out,” Jake said. “That’s a big thing for me and that’s nothing against you as a person.”

Meanwhile Liberty said she had fallen in love with Jake and “at one point” thought she had found “the one”.

“But once the honeymoon passes you start seeing the cracks,” she said.

Liberty and Jake went on a final date before agreeing to break up for good

The pair made the announcement that they had chosen to break up and leave the show at the fire pit, in front of their fellow islanders.

“We didn’t want to suck the life out of it,” Jake said of the final days on the show, as Liberty explained they would “pack and go”.

“We’re walking out of here on good terms, together,” Liberty added.

The news was met with tears from the fellow contestants, including Kaz, who had become particularly close with Liberty during the course of the show.

There are now just four couples left ahead of Monday’s finale: Toby and Chloe, Tyler and Kaz, Mille and Liam, and Faye and Teddy.

Love Island continues on Sunday 22 August at 9pm on ITV2. The finale airs on Monday.


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