Lindsay Graham repeats call for Joe Biden to be impeached over Afghanistan withdrawl

Lindsay Graham repeats call for Joe Biden to be impeached over Afghanistan withdrawl
South Carolina Senator says Biden’s actions in Afghanistan is “dereliction of duty”

Lindsay Graham has repeated a call for president Joe Biden to be impeached over his handling of the nós withdrawal from Afeganistão.

The Senator from South Carolina said the president “ignored sound advice” and has “been this way for 40 anos."

“I think it’s a dereliction of duty to leave hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, turn them into hostages, to abandon thousands of Afghans who fought honourably along our side, to create conditions for another 9/11 that are now through the roof,” the Republican lawmaker told CBS’ Face The Nation after being asked about his initial call for Mr Biden’s impeachment by host Ed O’Keefe.

He first called for Mr Biden to be impeached a week ago while appearing on Newsmax.

The Republican and Mr Biden previously had a notable friendship, which began when they were both serving in the Senate. When Mr Biden joined Barack Obama’s presidential ticket in 2015, Mr Graham told the Huffington Post, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you’ve got a problem. You need to do some self-evaluation. ‘Cause what’s not to like?”

Mr Graham referred to the commander-in-chief as “decent”, however outlined he should be held to a higher standard than previously.

“I don’t think he got bad advice and took it. I think he ignored sound advice. And this is Joe Biden being Joe Biden. He’s been this way for 40 anos, but now he’s the Commander-in-Chief,” Mr Graham continued. “He’s not a senator. He’s not the vice president. These are Commander-in-Chief decisions. I think the best you could describe him as dereliction of duty at the highest level says.”

In December 2020, Mr Biden said, “Lindsey’s been a personal disappointment, because I was a personal friend of his” while being interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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