Live updates on Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Live updates on Ghislaine Maxwell trial
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘degradinglist of staff rules revealed in court

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, has adjourned for the day in New York.

Ms Maxwell, 59, is accused of grooming teenage girls para Abuso by the late convicted sex offender and financier. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her.

The trial at a federal district court in Manhattan is expected to last six weeks. Judge Alison Nathan is presiding.

On Monday morning, the court heard from a witness using the pseudonym “Kate” who said Ms Maxwell groomed her for sexual encounters with Epstein, bought her gifts, and made her wear a schoolgirl costume.

Semana Anterior, prosecutors brought a green massage table in front of the jurors and a survivor using the name “Jane” claimed in her testimony that Epstein routinely used massages as a pretext for sex abuse.

In the afternoon details of financial transactions between Epstein and Ms Maxwell were presented to the court and FBI agents recounted the 2019 raid on his New York townhouse.

If Ms Maxwell is found guilty, she could face up to 35 anos de prisão.


Sketch of Maxwell drawing the courtroom artist goes viral

A sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell drawing the court artist who keeps pictorial records of the proceedings has gone viral on social media.

The sketch by artist Jane Rosenberg shows Ms Maxwell staring straight at her and doodling on a notepad.

The artist told Newsweek that Ms Maxwell had interacted with her multiple times during the trial. She was also smiling and waving at the artist on the day the courtroom sketch was drawn.

Ms Rosenberg told New York Magazine’s Intelligencer that Ms Maxwell started sketching during the pretrials.

“Then she started nodding at me and waving at me. It’s really great for me. I’m not going to wreck it. I’m going to keep it going,” the artist added.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar7 dezembro 2021 06:54

FBI found CDs filled with nude photos of women inside Epstein’s house

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found a plethora of photos of nuder women and underaged girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse in July 2019.

The agents found diamonds, passports, hard drives and CDs that contained photographs with police-like yellow “evidence” tape on them, Notícias da raposa relatado, citing FBI testimony in court.

In another closet, the FBI found “numerous black binders” with white labels that had “clear pages containing thumbnail photos with CDs attached”, Special Agent Kelly Maguire told the court.

The search was conducted a few days before Epstein’s arrest on sex trafficking charges.

<p>FBI Special Agent Kelly Maguire testifies</p>

FBI Special Agent Kelly Maguire testifies

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Maxwell said Epstein needed to have sex three times a day, accuser testifies

The second accuser, who testified under the pseudonymKate”, told the court that Jeffrey Epsteinneeded to have sex about three times a day”.

Kate testified she first met Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 17 through her older boyfriend, during their trip to Paris.

A mulher, now 44-year-old, said Ms Maxwell told her to dress up in a schoolgirl’s outfit before giving Epstein a sexualised massage at his Palm Beach mansion.

When the court asked if Ms Maxwell mentioned how often Epstein needed to have sex, Kate answered: “She said he needed to have sex about three times a day”.

She told the court that she did not tell anyone about her experiences because she knew how “well connected” they were.

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Who are the key courtroom figures?

Who are the key courtroom figures in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial?

Maxwell’s trial will be one of the most highly anticipated of the year

Oliver O’Connell7 dezembro 2021 04:30

Epstein wired over $30 mn to Maxwell over eight years

Ghislaine Maxwell received over $30 mn (£22.6 mn) from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein over a period of eight years.

Documents presented to the Federal court showed $7.4 mn of the money received by Ms Maxwell was spent on a green helicopter.

Transactions on JP Morgan bank statements from either Epstein’s accounts or his company accounts showed $30.7 mn was transferred to Ms Maxwell between 1999 e 2007.

<p>Patrick McHugh of JP Morgan testifies during trial</p>

Patrick McHugh of JP Morgan testifies during trial

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar7 dezembro 2021 03:57

Second accuser says she gave Epstein massages while dressed as schoolgirl

Ghislaine Maxwell told a young woman to dress up in a schoolgirl’s outfit before giving Jeffrey Epstein a sexualised massage at his Palm Beach mansion, a court in New York heard on Monday.

The now 44-year-old British woman told the court she had first given sexual massages to Epstein at the age of 17 at Ms Maxwell’s townhome in Belgravia, Londres.

Bevan Hurley reports from the court in Lower Manahttan.

Woman says she gave Epstein sexualised massages while wearing schoolgirl’s outfit

‘She told me I was such a good girl, and that I was one of his favourites’

Oliver O’Connell7 dezembro 2021 03:30

ICYMI: Housekeeper drove accuser ‘Jane’ to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion aged 14

Jeffrey Epstein’s former housekeeper testified that the first accuser in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial was a frequent visitor to his Palm Beach mansion when she was 14 anos.

Relatórios Bevan Hurley.

Epstein housekeeper says he drove accuser ‘Jane’ to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

Epstein ordered staff to keep his cars stocked with $100 bills, court hears on day four of Maxwell trial

Oliver O’Connell7 dezembro 2021 02:30

Key points from week one of the trial

Week one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial saw emotional testimony from the first of her accusers as well as a detailed look behind closed doors at the life she and Jeffrey Epstein led in Palm Beach.

Scenes from Week 1 of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-abuse trial

The first week of the sex-abuse trial of Ghislaine Maxwell saw the first of her four main accusers taking the witness stand to give emotional testimony accusing the British socialite of coaxing her into sexual encounters with financier Jeffrey Epstein

Oliver O’Connell7 dezembro 2021 01:30

Vozes: Why Maxwell’s trial feel familiar

Clémence Michallon explains why Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial feels disturbingly familiar.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial feels disturbingly familiar | Clémence Michallon

If you’ve followed even just one sex crimes trial, you’ll know

Oliver O’Connell7 dezembro 2021 00:30

‘It was not a secret, it was a mandate,’ house manager says of removing Maxwell pictures

Last week saw extensive testimony by Epstein’s former housekeeper in Palm Beach, who gave the court insight into the disgraced sex financer’s life and Ms Maxwell’s place in it.

Relatórios Bevan Hurley.

Epstein had Maxwell photos removed from Palm Beach when entertaining female guests

‘It was not a secret, it was a mandate,’ house manager says of removing Maxwell pictures

Oliver O’Connell6 dezembro 2021 23:30

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