Loki fans left ‘gasping for air’ after ‘crazy’ twists in episode four

Loki fans left ‘gasping for air’ after ‘crazy’ twists in episode four
*Spoilers follow for episode four of ‘Loki’*

Loki viewers were blown away by the merveille series’ fourth episode, which contained a couple of major plot twists.

The series, which is being released on Disney Plus over the course of six weeks, sees Tom Hiddleston reprise his longstanding MCU role as Loki, the Asgardian god of mischief.

Spoilers follow for Loki episode four

Last week’s episode saw Sylvie (Sophie Di Martino) tell Loki that the workers at the TVA (Autorité d'écart de temps) were all “variants”, not created by the Time-Keepers as Mobius (Owen Wilson) had claimed.

In episode four, Loki relays this information to Mobius after he and Sylvie are captured by the TVA. Mobius is subsequently “pruned” from the timeline by judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

Loki and Sylvie eventually find themselves alone with the Time Keepers, and Sylvie kills one – revealing that the supposedly all-powerful beings are in fact androids.

Renslayer then “prunes” Loki, eliminating him from the main timeline. pourtant, in a mid-credits scene, Loki is seen waking up. Looking up, he sees other Loki variants: an old one, played by Richard E Grant, a child variant, played by Jack Veal, and one holding Thor’s hammer, played by Deobia Oparei.

Viewers were left stunned by the episode’s events, with many describing it as “crazy” on social media.

“Bro Loki goes absolutely crazy, best marvel show [par] far," a écrit un téléspectateur.

“Episode 4 was so CRAZY!!! With the amount of reveals and surprises in this episode, I have no idea where they are gonna take this story," a écrit un autre. “IM DEFINITELY HYPED FOR THE NEXT EPISODES!!"

“The ending had me gasping for air," a écrit quelqu'un d'autre.

Loki can be streamed now on Disney Plus, with new episodes arriving on Wednesdays.

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